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A New Frontier In Interior Design

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A New Frontier In Interior Design

SINGAPORE, JULY 25 2011. A marriage between interior design and technology has not been well articulated, until now. A new and innovative software and mobile application is currently being developed by a promising startup known as Sheer Industries Group and is slated to be launched in December 2011. The team hails from Singapore.

Through market research and intensive interview sessions, the team at SIG managed to single out three main challenges that interior designers face in their work.

1. Clients often find it hard to visualize the proposed design concepts

2. Time is lost through long periods of rendering 3D environments.

3. Feedback is inaccurately captured as designers cannot alter their designs on the spot based on their clients’ comments.

In answer to the above concerns, Sheer Industries has devised a solution consisting of software that is coupled with a mobile application. The software allows 3D objects and layouts to be imported from a designers’ own database or even drawn from scratch in record time. It then renders a 3D environment to be exported to the mobile application.

When installed on a mobile device (think iPad2 or Android tablet), the mobile application allows you to view a lifesize 3D overlay of the design. As a user, you can point your device's camera anywhere in a room and see how a particular design would look like in real life. It is much like how you point and shoot with a digital camera, just that what you see on the LCD display is now a 3D scene of a room with your design on it. That is innovation at its best.

As such, SIG’s solution will,

1. Allow clients to visualize designs in real time

2. Streamline the workflow of interior designers by minimizing rendering time

3. Allow clients’ feedback to be implemented on the spot

Those in the design and creative industry would know that time is money. Working with big jobs and tight deadlines, failing to deliver would eventually cost them their jobs. SIG promises to address the problems that interior designers face and streamline their workflow to help businesses stay competitive and ahead of the game.

The software and mobile application is not just another application hoping to cash in on the wave of the tablet craze that has taken the world by storm. Its functionality has been validated and its potential perceived to be boundless. The future of architectural visualization is manifested in this intelligent product that saves time and utilizes technology to further the interior design industry.

Sheer Industries Group was founded by two friends and begun operations in October 2010. The company’s base of operations is currently located in the National University of Singapore (NUS), a locally renowned university that works closely with the government to provide support for startups and enterprises.

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