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Local Promotions - Super DUCKies Club

Welcome to the Super DUCKies Club! A loyalty programme for the young and inquisitive and most importantly, love for FUN. This program is tailored exclusively for kids between the ages of 3 to 12 years old.

At a membership fee of $33, members get unlimited FREE rides on the DUCKtour, City HiPPO tours (all routes), HiPPO river cruise and unlimited entries to Chinatown Heritage Centre for an entire year! That's not all! Super DUCKies also get to sign-in 4 accompanying family members at extraordinary prices at any one time! Exclusively for Super DUCKie only, his/her 4 guests get to enjoy DUCKtours and River HiPPO cruise at 40% off and a mere $5 per person for City HiPPO bus (day pass) and admission to Chinatown Heritage Centre!

Wait no more! Join the club now! Email us your interest in signing up for the Super DUCKies Club membership programme to


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