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SMRT Announces New Initiatives to Enhance Commuter Experience

SMRT continues to enhance commuter experience through the introduction of new service initiatives at its train stations.  Since July 2014, three pilot programmes - Care Stickers, Priority Queues and Mobile Device Charging Points - were launched and have received favourable feedback from commuters. From today onwards, commuters can look forward to four new initiatives, namely: Escalator Safety Announcements, Care Zones, eFeedback System,and SMRT SNAP-REP.

The first three pilot initiatives were launched over the past two months as part of SMRT’s on-going effort to enhance commuter experience touch-points. Care Stickers were introduced to encourage good travel etiquette and are targeted at five groups of commuters who might require special care and attention. These are the expectant mothers, senior citizens, parents travelling with infants, commuters with mobility needs and unwell passengers. The care stickers would help other commuters identify and extend care to these commuters more easily. Also part of the trial is the Priority Queues at the entrance of lifts to cater to passengers who are in greater need of using the lift facilities at our stations. The third initiative, Mobile Device Charging Points, are provided to commuters who need an outlet to quickly charge their mobile devices in the event that they need to contact someone urgently, such as a family member or relative during an emergency.

"SMRT remains focused and committed to improving our safety and train reliability through on-going maintenance and upgrading programmes. However, we recognise that service initiatives are also important to provide our commuters with a positive travel experience. Our first three pilot programmes, namely the Care Stickers, Priority Queues and Charging Points, were introduced over the last two months to cater to commuters with special needs and emergencies. To further enhance passenger safety and travel experience, we are pleased to introduce four more new initiatives: Escalator Safety Announcements, Care Zones, eFeedback System, and SMRT SNAP-REP. Collectively, we hope they offer greater conveniences and provide more channels of feedback for our commuters,” said Mr. Alvin Kek, Vice President, Rail Operations, SMRT Trains.

New Commuter Experience Initiatives include:

Escalator Safety Announcements

Escalator incidents often involve commuters who were distracted by mobile device usage and therefore failed to pay attention when using the escalators. SMRT is running Escalator Safety Announcements to alert and remind commuters of their safety when using the escalators. This complements our existing efforts of posters and signages to encourage commuters to hold on to the handrails and not use mobile devices while riding the escalators. Currently installed at Simei and Tanjong Pagar MRT stations, these safety announcements will be extended to other high passenger flow stations such as Yishun, Buona Vista, Jurong East, Orchard and City Hall stations.

Care Zones

To ensure passenger safety and better attention to the safety of commuters with special needs, children and those who may require extra attention while travelling alone, SMRT will be implementing Care Zones at its stations. Prominently located at waiting platforms of the stations, these CCTV-monitored Zones also allow commuters with quick access to Emergency Phones to contact station staff at the Passenger Service Centres for immediate assistance.  Care Zones are implemented at Tanjong Pagar, Orchard, City Hall and Kent Ridge and will be provided at nine other stations over the next one month.

E-Feedback System at Passenger Service Centres

SMRT is always willing to hear. We encourage commuters to provide their feedback so that we can improve our delivery of services to the public. We have opened up more channels of feedback in addition to the existing channels such as our website, customer service hotline and Facebook page. Named eFeedback System, commuters are encouraged to leave their feedback on our customer service through the tablet device location at the station Passenger Service Centre.  The eFeedback system is currently available at City Hall, Tanjong Pagar, Orchard and Kent Ridge MRT stations, and will be implemented at 18 more stations such as Jurong East, Woodlands, Toa Payoh, Ang Mo Kio, Marina Bay, Bedok, Pasir Ris and Changi Airport stations.


A new technical defect reporting channel, known as SMRT SNAP-REP (Short for Snap and Report), will also be introduced to provide commuters with a quick and easy way of alerting us to any technical defect they come across while travelling within our network. Commuters simply need to snap photos of the defects with their mobile devices and send them to our WhatsApp hotline at +65 9788 4398 with details such as the vehicle number, date, time, location, and a short description of the defect.  Commuters are encouraged to use the one-way feedback channel responsibly.

On the operational front, SMRT continues its efforts to improve on reliability and availability of its train services which can be seen through our on-going re-sleepering and re-signalling programmes. As the sleeper replacement works make progress, commuters can look forward to shortened journey times through the progressive lifting of safety-related speed restrictions on the North-South Line early next year. The completion of these initiatives and the deployment of more new trains will ease inconveniences such as service delays and congestion come next year. As our efforts to improve service continue, the implementation and evaluation of our customer service initiatives will help to provide commuters with a more pleasant travel experience.



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