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Sony Resumes Production and Delivery of HDCAM SR Professional Type

Sony has resumed production and delivery of HDCAM SR professional videotape, and its Sendai tape facilities will soon be returning to full capability, with gradual increases in production.

Tape coating production of both HDCAM SR and HDCAM media restarted on schedule in July at Sony’s Sendai/Tagajo plant, with shipments of new product resuming at the end of August (for HDCAM SR) and early September (for HDCAM).

According to Sony, volume will increase each month, as Sony works to stabilize production and continue its efforts to ensure the highest quality control standards.

“Our teams in Japan have done a tremendous job in recovering production over the past six months,” said Darin Scott, senior vice president of Sony’s Media and Applications Solution Division.  “We are taking a cautious approach to assure the quality of the product we ship to the market, but I’m proud to say Sony Professional Media is back.”

Sony Full Line of Media Products

In addition to the recovery of HDCAM SR and HDCAM media, end-to-end production of the DVCAM / Digital Master and Professional Disc formats resumed in May and the production and supply of those products have been consistent and stable to date.

As for other coating media products, Sony Digital Betacam restarted end-to-end production at the end of September, with MPEG IMX and Betacam SP following in late October.


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