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You Think Your Office is Cool - EatAds

The campaign ‘You Think Your Office is Cool?’ calls out to Startups out there to share with Startup Jobs Asia about their office! A total of 10 winning entries were selected!

It could be your office has a cool pantry with all sorts of goodies, unusual art pieces, creative wall mural or even a games area filled with the cool games gadgets!

We will be introducing 2 winning entries per week!  

Let’s move forth to the 7th Winning Entry!   

1)  EatAds (Votes: 11)

About EatAds: is a platform for buyers and sellers of outdoor media.

Outdoor media (billboards, transit media, bus shelters, airport media etc.) is a large but very disorganised industry globally. It has been very late in adopting similar web tools that have brought great efficiency to almost all other industries. The $33 billion industry is most disorganised in the emerging economies.   

Latest Update: Their beta is complete and they will be launching in coming weeks.

Perks Working Here: The work itself. Everyday you are making decisions critical to the company’s success. It’s a real thrill. Also, working with people that want to push themselves to learn everyday and not afraid to imagine a better world.

Funny Quirks of People Working at the Startup: They are all legends. All of them.

Lastly, What do they think are the Pros and Cons of working in a Startup?

Pros: Change the way people live, work and play.

Cons: None.

Other info about EatAds:





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