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You Think Your Office is Cool - Savant Degrees

The campaign ‘You Think Your Office is Cool?’ calls out to Startups out there to share with Startup Jobs Asia about their office! A total of 10 winning entries were selected!

It could be your office has a cool pantry with all sorts of goodies, unusual art pieces, creative wall mural or even a games area filled with the cool games gadgets!

We will be introducing 2 winning entries per week!  

Let’s move forth to the 2nd Winning Entry!   

1)  Savant Degrees  (Votes: 34)


About Savant Degree: Savant Degrees has evolved into a thriving digital innovation studio working with a broad client base from large multinational firm to small, nimble start-ups. Today, Savant helps clients generate executable ideas, co-create tangible concepts, and coach innovation through digital implementation.

The team's creativity is augmented using the Savant Method – a collection of consulting tools which guides clients through strategizing, designing, prototyping, building and ongoing management of a product. At the end of the day, this allows them to design meaningful and intuitive digital touch points for users that are strategically aligned to a client’s business goals and vision.

Latest Update: Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Singapore mentioned Savant Degrees on 31st October 2013 during his speech at World Entrepreneurship Forum about our recent collaboration with P&G. Below is an excerpt from his speech:

"I think there is scope for increased partnerships between SMEs and large companies, local and foreign, in overseas ventures. MNCs often require highly specialised and customised services to improve their products and services in other countries, and our SMEs are well-positioned to fill these needs. For example, Savant Degrees, a local start-up specialising in digital solutions, was selected by P&G to develop and pilot a digital tool to improve the productivity of its Olay Beauty Counsellors across the Asia-Pacific, starting with Philippines as a pilot. Savant Degrees will develop a web application to be used in-store, to distribute promotional and operational materials and connect the Beauty Counsellors to their customer relationship management database." (Find his full speech here)

We often get asked why SMEs and MNCs choose us as their innovation partner. Well, here's why... As a Digital Innovation Studio, we get to hang out with thought leaders and play at the cutting edge of all things digital. We take these trips into the future so we can help our partners stay ahead. For us, it's about designing human-centric innovations with technology that comes beautifully together.

Perks Working Here:

·  Awesome people

·  Pantries stocked full of snacks, coffee, and booze

·  We get to work with clients from different industries and explore how technology can to solve problems and help their businesses

Funny Quirks About the People:

·  Penchant for Star Wars Merchandises and Lego

·  Penchant for horribly inefficient ways of hand grinding single-serving coffee for that measely one-cuppa on the Aeropress

·  Complete disregard for smokes alarms and “food smell” during office hour when spontaneously preparing for Cordon Bleu cuisine in the office pantry

·  Occasional record-breaking attempts of our xiao-long-bao eating capabilities at our favourite stall at Chinatown Square

·  Limited space in the office does not bring down our team members’ passion for exercising. One of our colleagues bought a bicycle and attracted others to do some workout - cycling in the office!

Lastly, What do they think are the Pros and Cons of working in a Startup?


·  Good energy because people are here because they love what they’re doing

·  Faster and better decision making during projects

·  Excellent communication since the company is small

·  Better interpersonal relations at the workplace


·  Taking up of multiple secondary roles on top of primary roles because we work lean

·  Have to learn a lot of things by yourself which means it is not suitable for everyone. Often thrown into the deep-end of things and you’ll have to be very patient in learning stuff independently

·  Pressure. Make or break, your actions have a direct impact on the company.

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