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Marketing Insights 11# – Ben Chew, Founder – Startup Jobs Asia

Startup Jobs Asia was “brewing” yet recognizing the challenges of Talent Acquisition that Startups faced within Asia. It aims to to create a platform for Startup Hire in Asia and help connect the right talent fit within their growing and emerging business.We spoke with Ben Chew, Founder of Startup Jobs Asia.

Quick introduction on your business model

Currently, Startup Jobs Asia does not have a business/revenue model. We started this initiative from a social cause to help the startup eco-system. We are currently offering the platform to users on a freemium mode, where startup are able to post their roles on our site free.

Which model have you been using more for marketing?

Internet Marketing. Basically, we utilise on the different social media platforms to create a viral effect.

We also uses ‘Direct Marketing’ but not in the angle of promoting but more to a sharing about what we are about, our belief, our aim etc. and. On offline ends, we have participate in offline events such as talks, events, career fair etc where we share about Startup Jobs Asia which obviously also allow new crowd to get to know us better.

Do you think print, TV still plays a significant role in brand positioning?

Every marketing media plays its part in brand positioning. The Print and TV media still play a significant role and still retain its charm to its loyal followers

Do you use digital marketing? If yes, how has it helped you build the brand?

Yes, we do.

A huge part of the population in the world is using the common platforms like, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc. We do work on different social media platforms. On an overall effects, we like to believe that social media creates viral effects. We do run campaigns over some of the social media platform to further drive engagement and increase fans/followers.

Over the years, more people have ownership of a smartphone or even a tablet. Information are readily available on hand, which allow our fans/followers to gain first-hand updates even if they are on the go.  However, we have yet to fully utilise on the mobile element but will be looking to work on this direction. Although it seems that we are putting a lot of efforts/resources in digital marketing, but what we really want to achieve is ‘Viral Marketing’ at the end.

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