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Setting new standards in research collaboration

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Setting new standards in research collaboration

Introducing Mendeley Institutional Edition powered by Swets

Where does the library sit in the digital workflow of research? Many libraries are debating this very question, as more and more students and researchers are turning away from the library in search of alternative methods to source, locate and access relevant content.

Researchers are instead using software such as Mendeley; a free reference manager and academic social network which can help researchers to organize their work, manage their citations, collaborate with peers online and discover the latest research. Mendeley has enjoyed a rapid growth and adoption of its platform; within four years it has attracted more than 1.5 million users and constructed the world’s largest crowd-sourced research database, containing more than 150 million papers.

Swets has partnered with Mendeley to create a tool that connects the library and its collection directly to researchers. The result is the Mendeley Institutional Edition powered by Swets. Developed on top of Mendeley’s existing user platform, this new platform enables librarians to provide their researchers with seamless access to licensed content and gain a deeper insight into what their users are reading. In addition they can quickly see what researchers have published in which journal and what the usage of content is across the Mendeley community.

Are you looking to foster a more productive and collaborative research environment across your institution?
We have recently published a whitepaper that may be of interest. The paper discusses the role of the library in today’s digital world of research in detail and goes on to outline some of the key features of the Mendeley Institutional Edition powered by Swets. Just register over at our website to receive the whitepaper.



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