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The R-evolution of Libraries Across Time

With the advancement of technology, users are increasingly searching and accessing information on-the-go. Libraries are looking for ways to automate the processes. The libraries today must evolve to fit this new paradigm and not get left behind. This exponential growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web has resulted in the evolution of libraries from traditional mortar-and-brick buildings to the intriguing modern hybrids of digitised information and classic old book charm that they are now.

“Libraries R-evolution” aims to showcase such notable libraries in Asia Pacific. These libraries have evolved to contain timeless information immortalised with modern technology, allowing their users to obtain invaluable resources anywhere, anytime. In addition, automating their work processes to achieve efficiency.

Join us and get yourself showcased on the “Libraries R-evolution” microsite! Find yourself on the same platform amongst other talented people who are also shaping the most notable libraries in Asia Pacific. In addition, we will be featuring some of the best revolutions submitted in our EXCLUSIVE “Libraries R-evolution” eMagazine this coming September!

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Story of Swets’ R-evolution
Click here to see how Swets has evolved from a small bookstore to a leading shared service provider.

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