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Your voices are being heard with UserVoice

We recently told you about the new feedback system in SwetsWise called UserVoice. This intuitive system allows you to comment quickly and easily on where you would like to see improvements added to the platform. In the few months since we activated UserVoice in SwetsWise, we’ve received some fantastic ideas from a number of users. These comments and suggestions can really help us to develop the system further and ensure that the services meet with with your particular requirements.

All suggestions entered into the UserVoice system are being monitored and evaluated but this convenient means of collaboration with users is already providing some invaluable and rewarding feedback. Of course, it can take some time to develop features and functionalities due to the capacity and constraints of our busy development cycle but be sure in the knowledge that every suggestion is given full attention. Some ideas, such as one which suggested we should enable users to ‘add an address on the same day’, are likely to be implemented by the end of this year so it proves that the system is working already.

Swets develops all its features with the close participation and cooperation of a number of key customers. UserVoice allows us to expand that development and feedback community broadly and create a closer knit connection with all SwetsWise users. If you would like to get involved, simply login to SwetsWise and click on the feedback button, visible on every page. Add your ideas, or vote on others’ suggestions and show us which issues are most important to you.


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Sheila Seow

Press contact Marketing Manager