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More than 1 million eBooks now available via SwetsWise!

Lisse, The Netherlands
June 7, 2011

More than 1 million eBooks now available via SwetsWise!

Swets is pleased to announce that SwetsWise, its leading information resource management and procurement platform, has recently expanded its eBook catalog to more than one million publications. Swets has signed agreements with a number of the world’s leading eBooks publishers and aggregators, bringing together an impressive wealth of compelling content and creating an extensive collection of eBooks unparalleled within the information industry.

SwetsWise provides an intuitive interface for librarians and information managers to select and acquire eBook content. Customers are able to purchase both individual titles and eBook collections, under the same pricing and purchase models offered by publishers and aggregators directly.

“Expanding SwetsWise to support the acquisition and management of eBook content has enabled us to offer customers a single, user-friendly interface to acquire and manage both eBooks and journals, which is unique to the information industry,” said Maxim van Gisbergen, Business Development Manager at Swets. “The rapid rate that publishers and other suppliers are signing up to the platform clearly illustrates the unique proposition we offer and showcases the potential, strength and overall value of our SwetsWise platform.”

The following eBooks publishers and aggregators have agreed to make their content available in SwetsWise:

    • 123Library
    • ABC-CLIO
    • ACLS - American Council of Learned Societies Humanities EBook (HEB)
    • Bentham Science Publishers
    • Berghahn Books
    • Bibliotechnia
    • Books 24x7 Skillsoft
    • Brill
    • CABI
    • Canadian Electronic Library
    • ciando eBooks
    • CRCnetBASE
    • de Gruyter
    • Digitalia
    • Duncker & Humblot
    • ebrary
    • e-libro
    • Elsevier
    • Emerald
    • Global Media
    • IGI Global
    • Infobase
    • IOS Press
    • Jaypee
    • Karger
    • Liturgical Press
    • Ingram Content Group, MyiLibrary®
    • Oxford University Press
    • Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc./The R2 Digital Library
    • Safari Books Online
    • Sesame Street eBookstore
    • Springer
    • Taylor & Francis
    • Woodhead Publishing
    • World Bank Publications
    • World eBook Library Consortia (WEL)
    • WorldScientific

Further information on the eBooks available through SwetsWise can be found at:

About SwetsWise
SwetsWise is the culmination of Swets' insight from more than 100 years of experience in the information industry. The result is an extensive portfolio of products and services designed to simplify the way customers acquire, search, access, manage and evaluate their eBooks and subscriptions. SwetsWise enables information professionals to effectively and efficiently administer all stages of the content management process, helping them to meet the information goals of their organization and improve the productivity of the people who use the information. Its fully integrated approach allows customers to combine individual SwetsWise services, offering the simplicity of a single solution for meeting their information needs.

Further details on the SwetsWise portfolio can be found at:


About Swets
Swets is the world's leading information services company. We build on 110 years of experience to maximize the return on investments in time and money for clients and publishers in today's complex information marketplace. With clients in over 160 countries, Swets is a true "long tail" powerhouse that provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated e-commerce platform currently available in its field.

Swets has been included in E-Content Magazine's "100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry" for the past six years and is the only information agent to be ISO 9001:2008 certified on a global basis - a testament to our stringent operation and client service procedures.

Swets offers the following publishers and aggregators for purchasing eBooks through the SwetsWise Platform.

About 123Library
123Library is an eBook and digital content provider for individuals, and libraries across the world, specialised in delivering medical institutions with a broad range of topics. The 123Library medical collection contains thousands of leading medical eBooks covering a vast range of medical specialities, but also IT, as well as Sociology, Leadership and Management for academic studies as well as of the general public. The 123Library platform contains titles from leading medical publishers such as Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Informa Healthcare, Manson Publishing, Royal Society of Medicine, Radcliffe, Jessica Kingsley, Hodder Education, Apply2medicine, Dunedin Academic Press, Clinical Publishing, Nottingham University Press, Sage Publications and the American Society of Microbiology, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, but also from more general publishers such as for Dummies, Jossey- bass or Sybex with new publishers being added regularly, offering a wide range of IT and Management titles to their customers.

The ABC-CLIO eBook Collection offers high-quality, authoritative encyclopaedias, dictionaries, handbooks and guides from ABC-CLIO, Greenwood Press, Praeger, and Libraries Unlimited. Topics covered are Business, Crime and Punishment, Entrepreneurship, Geography, Music, Physical and Mental Health, Politics, Law, and Government, Pop Culture, Folklore, and Mythology, Religion, Science, Technology and the Environment, Society and Education, United States History, World History and World Issues. The entire collection of over 6,500 eBooks is available for purchase by individual title or by collection.

About ACLS (American Council of Learned Societies)Humanities E-Book (HEB)
ACLS Humanities E-Book is collaboration among 20 learned societies, over 100 publishers, and librarians at the University of Michigan’s Scholarly Publishing Office. The result is an online, fully searchable collection of high-quality books in the humanities, recommended and reviewed by scholars. ACLS Humanities EBook includes the full text of approximately 3,300 titles selected by scholars across the humanities. Approximately 500 titles are added each year. The collection includes both in- and out-of-print titles ranging primarily from the 1950s through the present.

About Bentham Science Publishers
Bentham eBooks is a comprehensive online books publication program intended to cover a number of major disciplines including science, technology, medicine and  social sciences. Bentham eBooks publishes monographs, handbooks, conference proceedings, textbooks, and review volumes. The entire collection of over 100 eBooks is available for purchase by individual title.

About Berghahn Books
Berghahn Books is an independent scholarly publisher in the humanities and social sciences and provides eBook collections on  History, Politics & Economics, Cultural and Media Studies, Anthropology & Sociology, International Relations and Migration Studies.

About Bibliotechnia
This collection of eBooks in Spanish contains thousands of text and reference works produced especially for each educational level. The entire collection is over 5,000 titles which are available as individual purchase or collections.

About Books24x7 SkillSoft
SkillSoft’s Books24x7 is an on demand platform offering instant access to the complete text of thousands of best-in-class books, book summaries and best practices, with 30,000 digitized titles. Since its launch in 1999, Books24x7 has grown steadily in both the number of publishers who contribute to these vast collections and in comprehensive reference resources covering IT, engineering, business, finance, economics, accounting, MBA, Exec MBA book summaries and best practice reports, streaming videos on leadership and work/life balance topics. Books24x7 provides the following collections: ITPro™, Business Pro™, Engineering Pro™, ExecBlueprints™, ExecSummaries™, FinancePro™, GovEssentials™, OfficeEssentials™, Well-BeingEssentials™, 50 Lessons [Kerstin] and the Leadership Development Channel™.Please note that ordering Books24x7 via SWETS is limited to non-commercial educational institutions from Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Mexico and Latin America.

About Brill
Brill offers the Brill’s Humanities and Social Sciences E-Book Collections in 7 subject categories (1) Asian Studies (2) Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East and Early Christianity, (3) Classical Studies (4) European History and Culture (5) Middle East and Islamic Studies (6) Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy and (7)Social Sciences. Additionally Brill publishes the Martinus Nijhoff E-Book collections on International Law and Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Biology E-Book Collection and the Material & Surface Science E-Book Collection (VSP-imprint).  (Content Platform Brill E-Book Collections) (Content Platform Martinus Nijhoff Collections) (Brill website)

About CABI
CABI is a leading publisher in the applied life sciences. Their CAB eBooks service provides Front file and Archive collections comprising books in a range of subject areas, including the subject areas of agriculture, animal and veterinary sciences, environmental sciences, human health & nutrition, leisure & tourism and plant sciences. All books are indexed and retrievable both as complete books and as individual chapters, ensuring that a search of available titles will render the most relevant results and save the user valuable time. There are over 170 books in the Front file (2008 to present) which is available for a 12-month lease, with the option to purchase (details on request). In addition to the Front-file, there are two Archive collections available for a single-payment purchase.  The 2005-2007 Archive comprises 158 titles and the 2000-2004 Archive provides access to a further 258 titles.

About Canadian Electronic Library
Gibson Library Connections launched the Canadian Electronic Library in 2005. As of December 2010, the Canadian Electronic Library has released over 30,000 Canadian monographs to libraries (of which over 12,000 are current in-copyright titles from 65 Canadian publishers,) making the service Canada's largest collection of online books for libraries. Almost all in-copyright titles are available for individual purchase through SwetsWise.

About ciando eBooks
ciando provides 130,000 eBooks the majority of which are in German by more than 600 publishers, all available for purchase by individual title. A wide range of subject areas are covered: Economics, Computer Science, Medicine, Science, Philosophy, Law, Technology, Psychology, Education and History. ciando is the exclusive source for high quality publishers such as Hanser, Springer, Elsevier, Campus, Hogrefe, Haufe and many more. Each customer (e.g. library, company) gets its own eBook portal, through which the eBooks can be accessed. Users can work with their eBooks offline by downloading to Adobe Digital Editions or they can directly open and read the eBooks in a browser window.

About CRCnetBASE
CRC Press' award-winning CRCnetBASE is made up of over 7,000 online books on Biomedical Science, Business & Management, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Clean Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Economics, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, General Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Environmental Science & Engineering, Ergonomics & Human Factors, Food & Nutrition, Forensics & Criminal Justice, Geoscience, Healthcare, Homeland Security, Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing, Information Technology, Life Science, Material Science, Math, Medicine, Nanoscience & Technology, Occupational Health & Safety, Pharmaceutical Science & Regulation, Physics, Public Administration & Public Policy, Social Sciences, Statistics, Water Science & Engineering. All titles are available for individual purchase with a minimum of 25 titles per order. (excluding North and South America where orders can only be placed direct with the Publisher/CRC)

About De Gruyter
De Gruyter provides over 4,500 eBooks, all available for individual purchase, on Art and Music, Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, General Reference, History, Law, Library and Information Science, Linguistics, Communications, Literary Studies, Mathematics, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Theology, Judaism and Religion. Older backlist titles are available as eBooks on demand in the De Gruyter e-dition program.

About Digitalia
Digitalia contains eBooks and ejournals in Spanish from the most renowned Spanish and Latin American Publishing Houses. eCollections are available on Literature Studies, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Art and Architecture, Caribbean Studies Collection, Cinema Studies and Economics and Business.

About Duncker & Humblot
Founded in 1798, the Berlin-based publishing house Duncker & Humblot is rich in tradition for its academic publishing programme, with around 300 academic monographs and anthologies per year, as well as more than 15 academic journals and yearbooks. The publisher’s list currently includes some 12.500 publications, covering a large variety of subjects: Law and Political Science, Economics and Social Sciences, History, Politics, Literary Studies, Philosophy.

About ebrary
Ebrary is a leading provider of eBooks and research technology to libraries worldwide. Founded in 1999, the company offers more than 250,000 eBooks from over 500 trusted publishers. ebrary is the only eBook provider that enables customers to upload and integrate their own digital materials from their computers with DASH (Data Sharing, Fast) technology as well as cross-referencing with multiple online resources with Info Tools technology. A member of the ProQuest family of companies, ebrary is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA.

About e-libro
e-libro provides an online database of 45,000 Spanish language publications (books, scientific journals, academic papers and theses).The following collections are available on subscription basis: Architecture, Urbanism & Design, Biology, Veterinary & Agropecuary Sciences, Computer Science & Telecommunications, Economic and Administrative Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Fine Arts, Visual Arts & Semiotics, General Interest (includes European & American Literature Classics), Health Sciences (includes Medicine), Information Science and Communications, Physical and Natural Sciences, Psychology and Social Sciences (includes Law & Political Science). The eBooks provided by e-libro are available for individual purchase on SwetsWise. Please note that institutions from Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Central America, and Ecuador are excluded from ordering e-libro through Swets.

About Elsevier
Offering comprehensive coverage of the full range of scientific disciplines, including those published under the renowned Pergamon and Academic Press imprints, over 10,000 monograph and series books are now fully integrated with journals, book series, handbooks and reference works on SciVerse ScienceDirect. Please note that only institutions from in Germany and the UK may order these products.

About Emerald
Two eBook Series Collections, one on Business Management & Economics and the other on Social Sciences, add a wealth of knowledge to the journal collections. In total, nearly 800 volumes are available and accessible through the intuitive Emerald interface and searching facility. At least 80 new volumes will be added to the collection annually. Each series features leading international authors in all the fields covered.

About Global Media
Global Media focuses on works of scholarship which touch upon issues of contemporary concern. Their books address a wide range of themes in religion, particularly Islam in the region, history, society, politics, culture, education and the media. South Asian themes predominate in, but do not exhaust, the scope of these publications. All 5,200 titles are available for purchase by individual title.

About IGI Global
Since 1988, IGI Global has provided comprehensive research materials on computer science and information technology management, focusing on the ways in which information technology affects human activities and interactions across disciplines. With offices in Hershey, PA, and New York City, IGI Global is a leading multimedia publisher of books, reference works, journals, encyclopedias, teaching cases, proceedings, and databases covering the areas of education, social science, library science, healthcare, business management, public administration, and computer science. More in-depth information about IGI Global’s mission and resources is available at

About Infobase 
Infobase Publishing are providers of educational materials to the school and library market. The platform offers access to more than 3,100 current and backlist by individual title or collections. Infobase titles, spanning a wide range of core, curriculum- oriented subject areas—from History, Science, and Literature to Geography, Social Issues, The Arts, Biographies, and more.

About IOS Press
IOS Press provides over 500 eBooks, all available for individual purchase, within the areas of Administrative & Information Sciences, Architecture & Urban Studies, Computer & Communications Sciences, Health & Life Sciences, Mathematics, Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology and Social Sciences.

About Jaypee
Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers is an independent medical publisher for over 4 decades. JaypeeDigital is their online platform hosting 1,130 eBooks, 2,300 Videos and 830 articles. Most books are published in full-color with a large number of illustrations and images that aid quick learning and are written in an easy-to-understand style and language for the global readers, including those from the non-English speaking areas. Access to JaypeeDigital is available by annual subscription and perpetual access. 

About Karger
With over 120 years of experience in connecting the world of biomedical science, Karger publishes over 80 scientific journals and about 60 serial and non-serial book titles per year from its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. The Karger program covers the full spectrum of biomedical research specialties.

About Liturgical Press
Liturgical Press began publishing for the Church in 1926. The Collegeville Digital Library is a new and growing collection of cross-searchable titles that offers quick and easy access to the full text of a variety of products otherwise only available in print format. The Collegeville Digital Library currently includes the following references: Worship in the Early Church: An Anthology of Historical Sources, Volume 1-4, Targum of Psalms, Targum of Lamentations, Sacra Pagina: The Gospel of Mark, Sacra Pagina: Hebrews, Sacra Pagina: 1, 2, and 3 John and Sacra Pagina: First Corinthians. Individual books in the Collegeville Digital Library will continue to be added until each series is complete in digital format.  Additional reference works will be included as they become available.

About Ingram Content Group and MyiLibrary®
Ingram Content Group Inc. is the world's largest and most trusted distributor of physical and digital content. Thousands of publishers, retailers, and libraries worldwide use our products and services to realize the full business potential of books, regardless of format. Ingram’s aggregated e-book solution, MyiLibrary, is the fastest-growing and most comprehensive e-content platform available to libraries today. Public, academic and professional libraries around the world enjoy immediate access to more than 250,000+ titles from hundreds of publishers globally - all available for individual purchase, by collection or patron driven acquisition.  Currently accessed by more than 2 million users on both Mac® or PC platforms, MyiLibrary offers one of the broadest collections of academic and professional titles on the market today.

About Oxford University Press
In addition to publishing over 4,600 new books each year, Oxford University Press is a major provider of online information to libraries, institutions and individuals worldwide. Featured Online Products include Oxford Scholarship Online, Oxford Reference Online, Oxford Dictionaries Online and Oxford Handbooks Online. Please note that institutions from North and South America, Israel, Lebanon and Iran are excluded from ordering Oxford University Press eBook products through Swets.

About Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc./The R2 Digital Library
The R2 Digital Library is an electronic book product from Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc. offering medicine, nursing and allied health content from key health science publishers. It includes more than 2,500 leading eBook titles from 45 renowned publishers including American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychiatric Publishing, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, The American College of Physicians, F.A. Davis Company, HCPro, Cambridge University Press, Wiley Blackwell, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Elsevier Health Sciences, Oxford University Press, Slack, Inc., Springer, Thomson Delmar Learning, and Jones & Bartlett Learning. All titles are available for individual purchase.  Visit the R2 web site for a complete title list and more information.  A free 30-day trail is available.

About Safari Books Online
Safari Books Online provides an on-demand digital library that delivers vetted, expert content for technology, creative and business professionals. Safari Books Online offers over 8,000 books and videos from leading publishers such as O’Reilly Media, Addison-Wesley, Peachpit Press, Manning, John Wiley & Sons, Apress, Adobe Press, Talented Pixie and Splash Media. Please note that ordering Safari Books Online through Swets is limited to corporate customers from Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

About Sesame Street eBookstore
The Sesame Street eBookstore is an online collection of storybooks, concept books, workbooks, and activity books featuring Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and all your favorite friends from the trusted television show. This collection has been carefully selected by Sesame Street educators and editors and covers more than 15 early learning subject areas, including letters, numbers, colors, and cultural appreciation. Several books are available in Spanish language. The eBooks are offered in four formats: standard, audio, interactive, and animated. Users pay an annual subscription fee for unlimited access to all titles.

About Springer
Springer is a leading global scientific publisher of books and journals, delivering quality content through innovative information products and services.  It publishes close to 500 academic and professional society journals.  Springer is part of the publishing group Springer Science+Business Media.  In the science, technology and medicine (STM) sector, the group publishes around 2,000 journals and more than 7,000 new books a year, as well as the largest STM eBook Collection worldwide.  Springer has operations in about 20 countries in Europe, the USA, and Asia, and more than 5,500 employees.

About Taylor & Francis
Taylor & Francis offer over 23,000 eBook titles, all available for individual purchase, in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, STM and Law from some of the world’s leading imprints. Subject specific collections include Asian Studies, English Language and Linguistics, Health Studies, Historical Studies, Media and Communication, Philosophy, Business and Management and Politics. Best-seller collections are also available, as well as eFocus - specialised multi-disciplinary collections across 17 cutting edge topics.

About Woodhead Publishing
Woodhead Publishing Online is a new resource of scientific, technical and information trends, comprising over 700 eBooks containing 12,000 chapters. Initially launched with Food Science Technology and Nutrition, Textile Technology, and Materials and Engineering collections, these will be followed with Energy and Environmental Technology, Finance, Commodities, Business Studies and Mathematics. All titles are available for purchase as collections or individual titles (when selected as the pick and mix option.

About World Bank Publications
World Bank Publications conducts and publishes research on a broad range of social and economic development issues including finance, health, education, climate change, trade, energy, aid effectiveness, development policy and poverty. The World Bank eLibrary is the World Bank’s subscription-based full-text collection of more than 6,000 books, reports, journals and other documents. It is fully searchable by subject, region, keyword, title, author, abstract, or year of publication. It also includes complete metadata and MARC records, TOC alerts and RSS feeds, and COUNTER compliant usage statistics.

About World eBook Library Consortia (WEL)
2,100,000 Research eBooks, eDocuments and eReferences full-text digitally re-mastered classic and official publications in PDF format all downloadable and shareable without restrictions using the library’s local platform and catalog system. Collections provide classic and primary sources of information on the following subject areas: Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, Sociology, Economy, Finance, Health, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Languages, Education, Recreation, Science, Technology, Military, Naval, Engineering, History, Astronomy, Classic Literature and Management. Additionally, libraries are allowed to upload their own content, which is then digitally remastered and cataloged, MARC records created, hosted and published. Price per FTE is US$ 2 per year and entitles the end user to download, keep, and share with peers without restrictions and unlimited number of times all eBooks in the database.

About WorldScientific
WorldScientific carries nearly 3,000 eBook titles, all available for individual purchase, spanning many subject areas: Architecture & Building Management, Asian Studies, Business and Management, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics & Finance, Engineering, Environmental Science, General Interest, History of Science, Life Sciences & Biology, Materials Science, Mathematics, Medicine & Healthcare, Nanotechnology & Nanoscience, Non-linear Science, Physics and Social Sciences.

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Swets is the world's leading information services company. We build on 110 years of experience to maximize the return on investments in time and money for clients and publishers in today's complex information marketplace. With clients in over 160 countries and more than twenty offices around the world, Swets is a true "long tail" powerhouse that provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated e-commerce platform currently available in its field.

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