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Sony Recognized as a Leader in Water Resource Management by CDP Report

Tokyo, Japan—Sony Corporation (Sony) announced today that it has been included in the CDP's Water A List,*1 recognizing Sony as one of the highest performing companies in the area of water resource management. This is the fourth time, following fiscal 2016, 2017 and 2019, that Sony has made the Water A List.

Recognizing that Sony's existence depends on a healthy environment and society, Sony continues to promote environmental initiatives from a long-term perspective. Sony Group has adopted a "Road to Zero" long-term environmental plan that plots a course to a zero environmental footprint for the company's operations and across the lifecycle of its products, by 2050.

Sony is taking a range of responsible actions at its plants all over the world to preserve local water resources and promote recycling of wastewater.

As the image sensor business, which requires a large amount of water continues to grow, Sony's manufacturing sites in Japan are working to reduce the amount of water needed for production of semiconductors by improving equipment and reusing wastewater while increasing production capacity. Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation's Kumamoto Technology Center is also working to protect local groundwater using a groundwater recharge*2 process and has been recognized*3 as an advanced example of biodiversity conservation.

These initiatives are not limited to Sony Group companies, as Sony requests major manufacturing partners. In the "Green Management 2025" environmental plan, which covers the time period from fiscal 2021 to 2025, Sony will further increase engagement through setting water consumption reduction targets and continuing to manage progress, while taking into consideration the water depletion risk in the areas where each site is located.

Sony is also engaged in providing water-related technologies. For example, Triporous™*4, a new Sony-developed material made with rice husks, has excellent adsorption property. It is expected to be used in industrial waste water treatment systems and water purifiers in developing and emerging countries, as well as contribute to reduction of water consumption.

Sony will continue striving to minimize the environmental footprint of its supply chain, bring forth environmentally conscious products and services, and work to create a better and more sustainable society, toward the achievement of ultimately an environmental footprint of zero.

*1 The rating system is a 5-rank scale (A, A-, B, B-, C, C-, D, D-, F). The A List is made up of the companies awarded the highest performance rank of "A."

*2 Groundwater recharge refers to the process of water on the surface of the ground (rainwater, river water, etc.) permeating the soil and replenishing the groundwater in the aquifer.

*3 The Kumamoto Technology Center groundwater recharge initiative has been noted as an advanced example of water resource protection in publications such as the Annual Report on the Environment, the Sound Material-Cycle Society and the Biodiversity in Japan 2014 published by the Ministry of the Environment in Japan.

*4 A plant-derived porous carbon material, licensed in 2019 after receiving a wide range of basic and applied patents. For more information,please visit.

About the CDP

The CDP is a nonprofit organization (NPO) founded in the UK in 2000. Backed by investors from around the globe, it conducts surveys on climate change and water management responses at private companies, then analyzes and releases the findings of these surveys to the public. This year, the CDP surveyed over 9,600 companies globally on behalf of more than 515 institutional investors representing more than 106 trillion U.S. dollars in managed assets.


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