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Drink it cold or warm - your choice
Drink it cold or warm - your choice

Press release -

NEW! ​Less sugar and more taste in climat-friendly packaging: Sproud Chocolate!

The Swedish brand SPROUD that recently launched a range of plant-based milk alternatives adds a new product to the range, a delicious Chocolate variant. This new product Sproud Chocolate has 35% less sugar than other plant-based chocolate drinks on the market, and is based on pea protein just as Sprouds other products. 

– Neutral milk made of pea protein and in combination with the taste that cildren love, chocolate, is a fantastic combination. It is as good cold or warm and can take a give place at the familiy breakfast table. Bacause of its high content of protein and as low sugar as below 5% also makes the product a perfect "before training buddy", for all those actibve people who loves chocolate, says Maria Tegman, Head of Brand at Sproud. 

Less sugar, more taste

Sproud Chocolate has 35% less sugar than other plant-based alternatives in the market. 

– With less than 5% sugar Sproud Chocolate have the same sugar level as ordinary cow milk, but with a lot lower carbon footprint, says Maria Tegman.

According to recent studies*, Sproud is among the alternatives that has the lowest carbon footprint at the market, thanks to the sustainable pea. 

– The world need new sources of protein, the ones that makes it better for us and for the planet. The pea is a extraordinary ingredient. The pea is one of the most sustainable of all plant-based proteins requiring less water than almond and is guten and  allergen free. It has lower sugar thean oat and a very neutral taste, which makes Sproud Original and Sproud Barista work so well in smoothies and cereals, and blends well in your tea or coffe. 

The whole range of Sproud products is vegan. They are produced in Sweden and free from lactose, gluten and GMO. In the assortement you can find Sproud Original, Sproud Barista and a whole serie of sport nutrition powders like Vanilla, Chocolate, Vegan Greens och Pre-Workout. 

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*Carbon Cloud, oktober 2019





The brand Sproud is owned and created by staff at the Swedish-based company WeMake. A small group of entrepreneurs wanted to make a difference, they wanted to create something that did good for both people and the planet. The result was Sproud, as a direct reaction to the changing climate. At Sproud we believe in food and products that are better for you and for the environment.

Press contacts

Maria Tegman

Maria Tegman

Press contact Head of Brand +46(0)705877850

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Sproud is the plant-based brand powered by peas. Appealing to health conscious and sustainably minded consumers, the Sproud portfolio brings taste and sustainability together. We believe in protein sources that are good for our health and for the environment.

Sproud was born in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs based in Malmö in the south of Sweden; a progressive city where many food, health and lifestyle trends get started. The Sproud founders have a shared passion for the split pea discovered after decades of working in innovative environmentally friendly food and drink sectors. In a time of big challenges, we believe “better products” are part of the solution. Sproud make foods and proteins that are nutritious, healthy and delicious. Sproud is more than dairy-free milk alternative, it’s more than sustainability and taste coming together; it’s a family of people passionate about doing things better, about coming together to create great products with a minimal climate footprint. Wherever the Sproud family is working – whether at our HQ in Sweden or taking our products into new countries throughout Europe and the USA, we come together to support each other, share best practice and spread our hap-pea news. Sproud is a design and a conscious lifestyle coming together. It belongs to vegans just as much as to everyone else. It’s for lactose intolerants, gluten intolerants, and for people that simply want to make better food choices based on taste. Since the launch of Sproud, our vision has always been to become the leading plant-based lifestyle brand. Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to choose climate-friendly vegan products that tastes good – and importantly are good for Mother Nature. Be Sproud.

Sproud. Where taste and sustainability come together.
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21376 Malmö