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Sproud at the Oscars – Where Taste, Sustainability and Style came together

​​Sproud was delighted to be the plant based dairy alternative served to guests at the Global Green Pre-Oscar party on 7th February 2020 managed by GBK Productions.

Angeleno Magazine And GBK Pre-Oscar Celebration : News Photo

Sproud was the obvious choice especially with the Oscar’s 2020 focus on sustainability . Sproud is made from the remarkable pea which uses much less water than traditional dairy or almond but packs in 5X the protein of Almond and 3X the protein of Oat per serving, making it one of the most sustainable plant based proteins.

Sproud is leading the way in reduce their carbon footprint both in packaging and distribution. Like most plant-based milks and beverages, it’s formulated to be shelf stable but Sproud packaging allows for a 365 day shelf life. That eliminates the need to use the traditional chilled supply chain designed for dairy products reducing the carbon footprint by a third and significantly reducing unnecessary wastage.

Angeleno Magazine And GBK Pre-Oscar Celebration : News Photo

Sproud’s great creamy taste and perfect froth was a real hit with guests where a special Vegan Cappuccino and also in an indulgent Vegan White Russian cocktail were served and the brands distinctive packaging blended perfectly with all glamour and style of the Oscars.

Sproud is available in four variants. Original. Unsweetened, Chocolate and Barista. Sproud is dairy , soy, nut and gluten free. It is available in 1 litre shelf stable packaging in Sweden, UK & Eire, Denmark , Norway, Finland and will launch in the United States and Canada in April 2020.

About Sproud

Sproud is a plant-based nutrition brand that brings consumers healthy dairy alternatives sustainably. The vegan brand uses the power of pea protein sourced in Europe to provide consumers high-quality and nutritious dairy alternatives that are non-GMO and allergen-free. Sproud is committed to using environmentally-friendly production and packaging practices. Learn more about Sproud at

About Global Green

Global Green USA is a leader in advancing smart solutions to climate change that improves lives and protects our plant. Global Green is a non for profit organisation.


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The brand Sproud is owned and created by staff at the Swedish-based company WeMake. A small group of entrepreneurs wanted to make a difference, they wanted to create something that did good for both people and the planet. The result was Sproud, as a direct reaction to the changing climate. At Sproud we believe in food and products that are better for you and for the environment.

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