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‘Hello’ examines the anatomy of meetings

Employing a variety of perspectives, ‘Hello’ invites visitors to Stockholm Furniture Fair and Northern Light Fair to a number of talks taking an in-depth look at WHERE, WHEN and HOW we hold meetings and focusing on the public environments in which they take place.

‘Hello’ consists of an inspirational exhibition, produced in collaboration with architecture and design agency Uglycute, and a series of talks. The seminars consist of 2-3 short talks lasting around 45 minutes in total. The format resembles a ‘talk show’, with a moderator who guides the discussion. The talks, which are spread over four days, have themes that show meetings in different lights, with one block in the morning and one in the afternoon. 

The speakers include: Christina Bodin Danielsson, Architect SAR/MSA, D.Eng, researcher at KTH, Anders Marsen & Petter Hauffman, C-O-M-B-I-N-E, Jens Lanvin, futurologist, trend and business intelligence analyst, Synovate, Pernilla Quarfordt, researcher at FX Palo Alto Laboratory in the USA, Robert Stadler, designer, Form Us With Love, designers, and Monica Förster, designer. The talks will be in English.


Afternoon: Let's come together - Meeting environments and behavior
Here we analyze the basic anatomy of the meeting. What type of behavior governs a meeting? What type of working and meeting environments generate efficiency and a good working climate? Behavioral scientists, researchers into working environments and meeting consultants share their experiences and ideas.


We focus on the questions WHO and HOW, and consider everything from approach to problems and generation of ideas to selling and implementation. It's about sharing experiences, process visibility and providing inspiration through successful, innovative examples.

Morning: 2 sides 2 every story - Collaboration perspectives
2 sides 2 every story presents meetings between parties in projects and gives their differing perspectives of the work process. Client/Interior Décor Architect, Manufacturer/Designer, etc.

Afternoon: Show 'n Tell - Case snapshots
A follow-up element offering a smorgasbord of short 10-minute snapshots of meeting environments or meeting products, in which interior décor architects, designers or purchasers showcase interesting examples.


Inspiring talks from the perspective of widely differing professional groups. We focus on WITH THE AID OF WHAT is it possible to create future public environments and meetings. What are the views of designers and experts on meetings of the future? What inspires and how are new ideas born? How can a company work on brand values in its public domains and how can these be reflected in the office's internal meeting structure?

Morning: Everything but the chair - Designing good meetings
We take a look at the factors, excluding furniture, for example, that create conditions for good meetings. The use of new technology, meeting furniture, sound, light and space are discussed by experts from each field.

Afternoon: Telling stories - Interior branding
Here we collect ideas about the visibility of a company's brand in public meeting environments such as entrances and reception and visitor areas. We also look at how the corporate culture as a brand internally affects the configuration of the office's external and internal meeting rooms. The meeting area as seen through the eyes of brand experts.


Morning: What's next - The future anatomy of meetings
We take a peek at meetings of the future. What will our meetings be like in 5 years, in 10 years, in 50 years? What new requirements will need to be provided for? What new behavior can we already perceive? Futurologists and trendspotters provide a view of the meetings and meeting furniture of the future.

The program can be found at and is updated regularly. More details about Hello can be found on facebook "Hello - Anatomy of meetings".

The Stockholm Furniture Fair and Northern Light Fair will take place at Stockholmsmässan on February 8-12, 2011.

For further information, visit and or contact Lotta Signeul, Media Information Manager, +46 (0)8 749 43 79,



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Ronja Nyström

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