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Story Duel released

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Story Duel released

Story Wars AB released the classroom tool Story Duel.

Story Duel is a platform for developing a student's language and writing skills.

Story Duel will be available for teachers from all over the world and you can connect with all of them through our Teachers Forum.

With Story Duel, a teacher will take their students on a writing journey that has never been done before.

Stories will be written, duels will be fought and quests will be solved and during the process, the students will grow their writing and language skills.

Story Duel will have a free version and a premium version, the free version includes 1 classroom with up to 35 students without any premium features.

There are discounts for schools and districts.

You can find the Story Duel platform at

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Story Wars AB is a dedicated EdTech company established in 2014 and located in Sweden.

Our goal is to get the world's population to develop important skills such as language and writing in an engaging and fun way.

Story Wars AB includes the platforms,, and 

Story Wars is a member of Swedish EdTech Industry.

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Thomas Andersson

Thomas Andersson

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