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Creativity and packaging for nuts

Even if you think that you were not born with that creativity flame, the good news is that you can harness the power of creativity. Like any other skill, creativity needs to be developed. It is such a crucial skill: it enhances problem solving, makes you more persuasive and a better leader, puts a smile on your face and, ultimately, it will bring you the product or service which will make the world a better place.

A way to enhance your creativity is challenging yourself, finding ways to be more creative! Good examples could be using your camera, baking a cake, writing a blog post, doing something special with your hair, painting your house walls, giving a creative compliment to someone, playing new games, reading the newspaper… Being creative is so much fun and it keeps the excitement alive.

When we look at packaging, we see such a vast field for creativity applied. A supermarket is a huge display for creativity. However, it is not easy to stand out in this very competitive field. If you are contributing with healthy nuts, for example, how can you make a difference and win more and more consumers? The answer, as usual, is creative packaging. Nuts are very easy to carry around, they usually come in pouches, and the printings outside can be of any type. Even better if they are cute cartoon faces that will put smiles on everyone’s face. Geometrical shapes, sophisticated boxes or quotes are other ways to bring creativity to nuts!

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