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Why Retail Shelves Are So Important

Nowadays, we are constantly talking about marketing and how brands should show themselves to really affect their consumers in the best possible way. But there’s a lot more than just advertising on social media, press, radio and being shown in all the right channels. The one place we don´t pay as much attention to anymore that is shown to have the biggest impact is actually the stores shelves and aisles.

The importance of the shelves applies to all kinds of customers. The ones that have your product on their shopping list. The ones that are impulsive buyers and just throw your product in the basket. The ones that have known your brand for several years and are the most loyal customers. Or even the ones that just discovered your brand and want to try something new. To all of these kinds of customers there are three stages that apply for the shelves.

1. Reach. If we don’t look at the different types of media you can use, being on the shelf of a store leaves your product in reach of all its visitors. When looking at Walmart for example, they have an estimated 100 million people visiting them on a weekly basis. That is a lot of reach if your products are placed there.

2. The decision mindset. Of course a lot can be done, in terms of marketing and advertising, before the consumers even enter the store, but when they are there, standing in front of the shelves, they need to make the decision to actually buy your product. Even if you have all the advertising you need to lead up to this, the consumer might have missed it, and your competitor might have a game changing strategy at his shelves that makes the consumer choose his products instead.

3. The last chance. Your consumers might have been loyal to you on social media and you might have gained their trust, but until they finally buy your product you haven’t accomplished anything. So you can see the shelf as the last chance to seal the deal with your customers.

So now that you now a bit more about the stages for the consumers, we want to give you some last tips to really get your 'shelf game' right!

  • Location! Your consumer is ready to buy, but your product is not in the right position. It is important that your product is right there in front of them when they are ready to choose.
  • The packaging! We have said it before and we say it again, the packaging of your product is very important if you want to stand out from the competition and make the consumers choose your product!
  • Price! The price of your product is like a game between you and your competitors. It can make or break you in so many ways, but it’s important to have this under control so you don’t lose out to your competitors.

Doesn’t this all sound very simple? No, we know that there’s a lot of work behind it, but in the end it’s all worth it when your product is the one picked from the shelves buy the consumers.


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