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A healthy smile – for you and your baby

Did you know that caring for your baby’s teeth starts even before birth? It begins with caring for your own oral health! You have much to gain by taking care of your smile, both for your child’s sake and your own.

According to a scientific study, children are more likely to develop cavities at an early age if their mothers have poor oral health care habits. Their mouths may contain bacteria that cause cavities, which the parents pass on to their children by sharing spoons or cups, or by “cleaning” the baby’s pacifier in their own mouths.

So if you’re expecting a baby, it’s a good idea to give your teeth some extra care, have a dental check-up, and get treatment if necessary.

And when your little one gets his or her first tooth, it is time to start brushing. Do it twice a day to create a good routine that will follow your child through life. Avoid frequent snacking or serving sweet drinks from baby bottles. Every time your child eats or drinks something, bacteria start to produce acids that damage the teeth – except water, which is harmless.

Through good oral hygiene and healthy eating habits, you lay the foundations for your child’s oral health. It’s all about giving your child the best possible chance of a lifetime free from preventable oral disease.


Alm A et al. Oral hygiene and parent-related factors during early childhood in relation to approximal caries at 15 years of age. Caries Res. 2008.

Fact-checked by DDS Anna Nilvéus Olofsson.

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