Testbirds gain further ground in automotive industry by securing long-term contract

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Testbirds gain further ground in automotive industry by securing long-term contract

Testbirds, world leaders in crowdsourced testing of digital products, today announced a com-prehensive agreement with BMW Group. Following a thorough Request for Proposal process, Testbirds will help further improve digital technology and experiences for drivers by serving as digital testing Partner.

New car technologies are transforming the automotive sector and the demand for connected car technologies is only growing. Today, connected car apps offer a wide range of useful features – with intelligence and innovation, they make life easier and turn every journey into an experience by optimising convenience and comfort of passengers. To further improve digital technology and experiences for drivers, Testbirds is focusing on connected application testing providing BMW Group with access to crowdtesting services as part of a broader testing program. The aim is to make every journey from A to B even more comfortable and personalised. Crowdtesting is an ideal complement to professional testing methods as it relies on unbiased real users, who are chosen according to BMW Group’s target and user groups. Today, Testbirds’ test community includes more than 400,000 registered users from 193 countries to provide an unmatched scope of testing services and geographic coverage, including a specialised crowd of testers that matches the profile of BMW Group’s users and customers.

"We are proud to partner with BMW Group to help optimise the company’s digital products and services," said Philipp Benkler, Co-Founder and CEO of Testbirds. "Testbirds and BMW Group share the vision that crowdsourced testing of apps and digital services throughout all stages of software development are key to change – it’s our goal to help improve application quality, accelerate software releases, and deliver digital products and experiences that have a real impact for BMW Group and its customers."


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Testbirds was founded in 2011 by Philipp Benkler, Georg Hansbauer and Markus Steinhauser. Today, the company has 100 employees. Other than its headquarters in Munich, there are now offices in Amsterdam, London and Stockholm, franchises in Hungary and Russia and sales partners in Italy and North America. Under the slogan, “Testing Reality. Real users. Real devices. Real impact.” Testbirds investigates software for user-friendliness and functionality issues by using crowd and cloud-based technologies. With over 400,000 registered testers located in 193 countries, Testbirds is one of the world’s leading crowdtesting providers. The company also utilises cloud-based technologies to support customers in optimising their digital products.

The combination of the two testing methods delivers a unique portfolio that takes the quality of software to the next level. For its innovative approach to software testing, Testbirds has received many awards. Testbirds is a winner of the start-up competition, “IKT-Innovativ”, the Best-of-mobile Awards 2013 and the IT-INNOVATION Award 2014. According to McKinsey, Google and Rocket Internet, Testbirds is one of the Top 10 B2B Scale-ups within the framework of the Digital Top 50 Award 2016. The company has received the German Innovation Prize 2017 by Accenture, EnBW and Wirtschaftswoche and has been acknowledged as Revenue Growth Champion 2018 by the news magazine FOCUS. As BITKOM partner Testbirds actively participates in diverse committees. When founded and during further development of its portfolio, Testbirds was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The company shows social responsibility through its initiative towards fair working conditions in the crowdsourcing industry. More information about that can be found at www.crowdsourcing-code.com.For more information visit www.testbirds.com.

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