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SL Taiju Steam Locomotive
SL Taiju Steam Locomotive

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New and Seasonal Special Experiences in Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan; 2 hours north of Tokyo along the Tobu Railway line

Exciting activities await visitors to Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen this summer! This is a cultural and hot spring resort area, just two hours north of Tokyo along the Tobu Railway line.

SL Taiju Steam Locomotive
Tobu Railways will begin operating a daily, vintage steam locomotive service from late July. This nostalgic train called SL Taiju ( – meaning "Steam Locomotive Great Tree" -- will run between Shimo-imaichi Station -- near Nikko's UNESCO World Heritage sites and Kinugawa Onsen Station – with access to the area's famous therapeutic hot springs. The name was chosen in honor of the first Tokugawa Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was nicknamed Taiju. Nikko Toshogu Shrine, the most decorated of all Japan's shrines, is in fact, his mausoleum. The steam train is an exciting way to experience this area!

C11 207 SL Taiju Futara Steam Locomotive

SL Taiju Steam Locomotive (Railway Turntable)

3 SL Taiju Steam Locomotives

Get Away from Hot & Humid City and Enjoy Outdoor Activities in Nikko / Kinugawa Area
With an altitude of 1269 m, Nikko's Lake Chuzenji is Japan's highest lake. A great summer respite away from Tokyo, the Lake now has a reputation for stand-up paddle boarding. SUP!SUP! offers a range of options – a beginners' experience to short tours that include some famous diplomat summer residences. It's history, culture, and outdoor adventure all in one!

Stand Up Paddle Board SUP! SUP!

NAOC Rafting; Canyoning, Boat Rides
The Kinugawa River is particularly well-known for the dramatic beauty of its natural river valley. Here, an array of water activities allows visitors the opportunity to feel at one with nature. NAOC Rafting Tours, led by experienced guides, provides safe rafting experiences. The trip carries rafters past various waterfalls and cascades, which can only be conquered through the cooperation of everyone in the boat. Canyoning is a thrilling river sport giving participants firsthand experience of the outdoors. Canyoning guests dive into waterfall pools and glide down rocky slides. The Kinugawa River Boat Ride is a captain-steered, 40-minute boat trip down the Kinugawa River. It is a wonderful and refreshing way to experience the river valley scenery often with a splash.

NAOC Canoeing in Kinugawa

At this moment, travel to Japan is still not possible for foreigners. However, once travel opens up, these activities will be a welcoming experience.

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Tobu Railway's massive network extends through Tokyo as well as four surrounding prefectures: Chiba, Saitama, Tochigi, and Gunma. With 463.3 kilometers of operating track, Tobu is Kanto's largest private railway and is used by commuters, students, business travelers, and tourists. Tobu Railways is one of many companies that is part of the Tobu Group, which also operates health clubs, golf courses, theme parks, and hotels. These include Tobu World Square, where the world's most famous structures are re-created at 1:25 scale; the Courtyard Marriott Ginza Tobu Hotel and the Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo, operated in partnership with the Marriott Group. The Tobu Group also develops and manages condominiums, housing developments, department stores, and various other properties along its railways and in Tokyo as well.