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Japanese confection cooking class
Japanese confection cooking class

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Part 3. Tochigi City, a Little Edo Town with Edo Cuisine.Use the One-Day Citizen Passport for an economical stroll.

Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture, is known as Little Edo. It can be reached in about 70 minutes from Asakusa, Tokyo via the Tobu Railway. The city’s streets are reminiscent of an Edo-period town and it retains the cultural tradition of boat transport. Try Japanese-style sweets and traditional food seasoned with miso. The Edo cuisine is characterized by its healthy quality. Have an economical stroll in Tochigi, the town of storehouses where you can enjoy Japanese history and culture.

Edo cuisine in Little Edo Town Tochigi
Edo cuisine is dietary culture that bloomed during the peaceful Edo period, when people were very passionate about cooking. Many different dishes including buckwheat noodles and sushi were originally created at that time, resulting in today’s Japanese cooking. No refrigerators existed during that period, so people usually used local, seasonal ingredients to make simple and healthy dishes. Various old ideas and utensils can be found in cooking that effectively uses the natural flavors of ingredients, which comes as a fresh surprise to modern people. Enjoy Edo cuisine in Tochigi, which chefs created while trying to outdo cooks in Edo Town.

Tochigi Edo cuisine:

Abuden miso - Try miso and non-alcoholic sake to warm your heart and body -
Abuden miso is a long-established miso manufacturer that has existed since the final days of the Edo period and were originally founded as an oil maker and retailer in the middle of the Edo period. They have maintained the profound and rich flavor of miso to today. Try a dengaku set of tofu, satoimo (a kind of taro) and konnyaku. The dish uses different types of miso for different ingredients and is cooked by applying miso to each ingredient carefully and repeatedly. They also serve non-alcoholic sake that common people in Edo consumed as a nutritional supplement. This beverage will fully warm you even during the cold winter. 

Abuden miso:

▲Facade unchanged from the past 

▲Shop interior

▲Dengaku set of tofu, satoimo and konnyaku

▲Non-alcoholic sake

Yamamoto Sohonten - Enjoy seasonal Japanese sweets - 
Yamamoto Sohonten is a long-established Japanese sweets shop founded in 1892. Confectioners commemorate each season by creating Japanese confections. Discover and enjoy the art and sensitivity of Japanese sweets makers with each confection. Join a Japanese confection cooking class (reservation required, fees apply). Hire a volunteer guide for sightseeing in Tochigi and experience Japanese traditional culture.

Yamamoto Sohonten:

▲Japanese confection cooking class

▲Japanese confections

▲Shop interior

▲Yamamoto Sohonten exterior

Get a One-Day Citizen Passport to economize your travel in Tochigi. Receive a discount and/or benefits if you show it at tourist sites. English-speaking volunteer guides are available.

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- Tochigi volunteer tourist guides:



Information about recommended tourist sites along Tobu Railway
The Tobu Railway Group is a large-scale Japanese corporate group consisting of about 90 corporations. Tobu Railway boasts the longest operating distance in Kanto Area with many tourist sites including Tokyo Sky Tree® in Asakusa, Nikko and Kinugawa, a famous World Heritage site and hot spring respectively, Tatebayashi and Ashikaga, which are famous for their beautiful flowers, and Kawagoe, which has many cultural heritage sites in an Edo-period atmosphere.

Tobu Railway Group sightseeing information website: TOBU JAPAN TRIP:

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