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Trejon MF1050

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Trejon MF1050

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Together we create a good day – a Trejon day

Trejon, headquartered in Vännäsby outside Umeå, dates back to the 1940s. Much has happened since then and today we are one of the leading machine suppliers in the Forestry, Construction and Agricultural through a wide network of dealers.

Trejon develops, manufactures and provides products to the Agriculture, Forestry and contracting. By combining a wide range of products with great professionalism and high level of service we give you the best overall solution that creates a sustainable and cost-efficient future. As a stable family company with a long history and experience, who always think long-term, we place great commitment to delivering quality in every step of our mission. In our work, we are inspired by new technology and our customers' needs to provide machines what needs to make your work as simple and good as possible.

Trejon want to be the natural choice for both our partners and employees. With a focus on the environment, quality and modern technology resulting added value and everyone is a winner. Our confidence we create with great commitment, our expertise and our ambition. We are building long-term and stable relationships for a safe living and a sustainable future.

Together we create a good day – a Trejon day.


Företagsvägen 9
911 35 Vännäsby

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