​Hunting in style: how to suit up for your hunt

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​Hunting in style: how to suit up for your hunt

We always think of hunters in their camouflage clothing. And forget that the sport has a long history of gentleman’s attire. Here are a few tips to add some elegance to your next hunt.

For a long time reserved to royalty and nobles, hunting was long associated with traditional and polished apparel. Camouflage gear came much later, and despite common assumptions, is not a requirement for a successful hunt.

In fact, some forms of hunting require quite the flashy outfit. Like during a battue, where people beat bushes to force the game in the direction of hunters. Gotta make sure you don’t get mistaken for a boar there. 

Country attire

Sure, technical clothing prevails among the majority of hunters today. But some still like dressing for the hunt. After all, a proper outfit can still combine comfort and style. If you want to try a more elegant attire for your next hunt, you can start with a tweed Norfolk jacket, or a hacking jacket.

In traditional country attire, they are often combined with a check shirt and breeks - the short pants that stop at your knee so you can stay comfortable in your boots. If you still think you need camo to increase your chances of nabbing your prey, choose neutral shades or colors like beige, brown and dark green.

Hunting accessories

A gentleman’s outfit wouldn’t be complete without accessories. That’s true whether he is going to a cocktail… or hunting.

Some accessories, like suspenders, have a very functional use: keeping one’s pants up when moving through the forest and fields. Here you can keep it practical: go for the sturdy model and match the color to your outfit.

Other accessories, like the necktie, are just a standard accessory worn by gentlemen in many different situations. For hunting, you would have to opt for a necktie made of wool or cotton, which are better suited for outdoor conditions than the classical silk tie. You can play around with prints of preys, or plain bright colors.

Finally, and that might be the accessory we still very much associate with hunters: get yourself a flat cap. Or a hat, whichever you prefer. Again, choose a sturdier material like wool, felt or cotton to withstand the weather.

Successful shooting

As good as they make him look, the clothes do not make the man... So when it comes to finding the right technical wear and equipment, you better check sites like this hunter guide and the best crowbow guide you can find out there.

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