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TROLLBEADS new collection: Golden Nightfall

Sunset is near, night is coming closer. Light is low and breaks through the foliage. The breeze is warm, and the leaves are dancing joyfully in the wind.

In the golden moment between day and night, time stands still and beauty embraces.

Put on your pyjamas and slip into a long and rejuvenating rest. In our dreams, we plant the seeds of our future. People are made of stories. Some you want to share with the world, others stay close to the heart. Follow the path of your dreams.

Trollbeads is the original bead-on-bracelet brand with literally hundreds of beautiful beads to pick and choose from – each a little work of art - so that every bracelet becomes entirely personal.

When day turns into night

Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind and body, and sleep is just as important as diet and exercise. In the Golden Nightfall collection, we find several designs in delicate Sterling silver sending thoughts to a good night’s sleep and joyful dreams. 

With inspiration from nature, the collection brings even more silver. Lock of Leaves, Leaves of Grace and Framed by Nature send a message about leaves dancing in the wind and encourage you to go, where the wind takes you. You will also find the Nature Girl both as a stunning pendant for your Fantasy Necklace and as a spectacular pair of earrings. The Flower Wreath completes the beauty. Be one with nature.

Created by nature

The Golden Nightfall collection brings you new stunning gemstones, made by nature itself. Use gemstones to spice up and add a luxury feel to your bracelet, bangle, necklace and earrings. The gemstones in the Golden Nightfall are part of the round gemstones in the collection. The shape of a sphere stands for completeness, unity, equality and acceptance.

The five new gemstones are the sensual garnet, the powerful black onyx, the strength giving red onyx, the amethyst that is helpful in purifying the mind, and the tiger eye that helps to fuel the fire of your passions. 

Future of passion

The Golden Nightfall collection brings you 12 new spectacular glass beads, unique in detail and beauty, bringing in warm and passionate colours in stunning patterns to the collection. Don’t let anything steal your glow.

Trollbeads is world famous for the enchanting way it plays with glass. All glass beads are handmade in front of a red-hot, open flame. 

Even more possibilities

The exquisite craftsmanship of Trollbeads’ jewellery is only truly complete when you match the different components that tell your stories in your own personal way. Because your individuality, the way you live your life and the meaning you attach to each bead is the true beauty of Trollbeads.

The Golden Nightfall collection can be mixed and matched with existing and new jewellery - any way you like. The collection is available in stores and online from September 6, 2019.


Round gemstone bead: € 45

Glass bead € 35

Nature Girl Earrings € 105

Ring with glass and silver bead € 125

Bangle with glass bead framed by silver € 235

Bracelets with gemstones, silver and 18K gold € 1125

Bracelet with glass, gemstones, silver and 18K gold € 870


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Trollbeads, a Danish family-owned jewellery brand, was established in 1976. Trollbeads is the original bead-on-bracelet concept. At the core of the brand lies self-expression through 600 different beads in sterling silver, 18 karat gold, Murano glass, freshwater pearls, amber and gemstones. Trollbeads jewellery is available in more than 30 countries through the company’s own flagship stores, independent retailers, and online at 


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