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Does workout just suit youths? See the benefits of indoor rowing for the elder

News   •   Aug 28, 2019 11:19 CST

Photo by Foto Garage AG on Unsplash

Muscle training is not only a thing for strong men and women but good for seniors. Studies have also shown that muscle strength as an older person is good for stimulating bone growth and building bone mineral density. However, low impact exercise is the core for elderly exercise. Rowing and hiking would be perfect for the elderly. 

Water Rower – Build a lake at home
Indoor rowing is not just suited to strong young men and women; it is a low impact exercise that is good for an aging body. Indoor rowing is great for people of every age, even the elderly. It almost trains all your muscle groups to spread the load across your shoulders, arms, back, and legs.

JKexer 628
Water Rower (Slanted Tank)

* Easy-to-adjust pedals
* Siphon included for 6-level water adjustment
* Ball bearings make the rowing ultra silent and smooth
* Built-in heart rate receiver

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JKexer 620
Water Rower(Back Tank)

*Under Seat tank for space-saving
*Easy storage and transportation
*Built-in heart rate receiver

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Incline Trainer- Build a mountain at home

Switch running and climbing mode in a second. Incline training works the leg muscles efficiently and the lower impact training for knees. Limited speed up to 6kph for climbing mode. High-level incline level can build muscle development.

Key points for elders

* User-friendly console
  Easy operate and free select
  "Climbing" and "Running" mode

* Limited Speed
  Climbing mode up to 6kph for safety

* Cooldown button
  Allows to instantly lower excise intensity

* Patented "Switch-Pro"
  Easy moving and leveling

* Patented Step Counting
Calculate steps to help elder
  keep doctors away

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