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Want to assemble a treadmill without troubles of using tools?

News   •   Nov 01, 2019 15:56 CST

Not only without any tool, but JK's patented design also let you complete the work in 1 MINUTE.

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How long do you need to assemble a treadmill? About 30 min.even a Pro, right? What if a design helps users to assemble a treadmill by themselves without using any tool? It helps you save time and money for assembly and after-sale service, in view of many errors resulted from the improper assembly by users. Explore now how "1-Minute, Tool-Free assembly" design works.

Tighten 4 knobs and insert a lock pin. AeroWork is ready to go.

Step 1: Lift the front post to upright position

Step 2: Tighten knobs on both sides

Step 3: Insert the pin into the hole of U-bracket to lock the air shock cylinder

Step 4: Tighten 2 knobs on the upper sides to fix the handlebar. Aerowork is ready to go

Flip Top design
FlipTop design is a core to combine a standard treadmill and a desktop

Switch-Pro Knob
Easy moving and effortless leveling. No need to tilt the 100 kg machine back and forth to adjust the tips for leveling

5-level ASA cushioning system
5-level shock cushioning reduces up to 30% impact to protect knees

Step Count computer function

To track your workout status in the working mode

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