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What’s the different between JK’s ”Pure Power Impeller” water rowing system and traditional “Stainless Impeller”?

News   •   Feb 13, 2020 09:24 CST

Why JK’s water rowing machine would provide more power compared with other water rowers? The secret is the “Pure Power Impeller” Tank technology.

Pure Power Impeller is the plastic injection multi-paddles which designed with up and down staggered paddle(blade). The multi-paddles give more cross-section toughing small vibrations, providing a smoother boating feel. That’s the reason why the resistance of plastic injection impeller is much better than a stainless impeller.

As we know, rowing provides total body workout and develops strength, power and endurance all simultaneously that is an ideal exercise to improve overall fitness. An entire rowing stroke requires leg, core strength, back and arms, which is a versatile and comprehensive training. Water Rowing machine combines resistance and cardiovascular training in one equipment. Compare with air or magnetic rowing machine, water resistance provides gentle sounds to give users realistic sense like rowing outdoor.

Here comes three iconic JK’s water rowers:

1. Water Rowing Machine JKexer 618 Water Rower (Front Tank) 


2. Water Rowing Machine JKexer 620 Water Rower (Back Tank)


3. Water Rowing Machine JKexer 628 Water Rower (Slanted Tank)



JK, a customer-oriented manufacturer, was founded in 1981. Being a Taiwan-based manufacturer of premium fitness equipment since 1981, JK has been awarded the 'Good Export Performance' by the domestic government for decades, shipping high quality products to over 60 countries worldwide. The consecutive Taiwan Excellence awards and numerous patents speak for its capability of innovation and creativity.

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