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Structural part
Structural part

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New technical article: Key properties of die material needed for structural Aluminum-High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)

Abstract: In the automotive segment, demands for light weight components have increased in order to acquire low fuel consumption and less environmental impact. This has opened an opportunity for structural aluminium component manufacturing through high pressure die casting (HPDC). Lighter in weight and suitable mechanical properties has shown to be competitive in parts where structural steel normally is used. These parts are different from conventional HPDC parts as they are normally larger in size and have a complex design because several parts have been integrated. Conventional HPDC aluminium parts normally have low yield strength and for that reason the components are normally used where impact toughness and yield strength are not a critical demand. Figure. 1. Show type of car body component which is manufactured through structural Al-HPDC.

Attached below is a download – full technical article with explanatory charts, pictures and examples written by Sebastian Sivertsen, Application Manager for Hot Work at Uddeholm. 


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