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Uddeholm launches innovative alternative to coating for complex manufacturing demands

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Uddeholm launches innovative alternative to coating for complex manufacturing demands

Uddeholm Vancron SuperClean is an innovative product with coating properties already integrated into the material. This delivers a reliability and predictability that are highly sought after by both tool-makers and tool-users.

  • Uddeholm Vancron SuperClean meets a distinct need on the market, in production environments where neither uncoated nor coated tools are suitable. The challenges can be tight tolerances, complex design, need for quick maintenance or delivery times, says Pär Emanuelsson, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Uddeholm.

Uddeholm Vancron SuperClean is the perfect match for production with high precision cutting and forming tools with sharp edges and tooling of complex geometries. The chemical composition constitutes an increased protection against adhesive and mixed wear and improves the whole tooling life cycle. The tools will maintain in great shape and condition longer and hence secure the quality of produced parts over time.

  • Our foundational business idea is to deliver a solution that creates value for our customers. By choosing Uddeholm Vancron SuperClean, the payback starts already during the manufacturing of the tool. With great material knowledge we can make a difference for our customers’ total tooling economy and this launch is the latest example, says Johnny Sjöström, CEO, Uddeholm.

Uddeholm Vancron SuperClean in brief

  • Extremely good galling and adhesive wear resistance
  • Unique low friction properties
  • Very good abrasive wear resistance
  • High hardness and compressive strength, 63–65 HRC
  • Consistent edge retention
  • Easy to machine and polish
  • Reliable dimensional stability


Robert Gustafsson

Brand and Communication Manager

+46 (0)72-547 08 04

Uddeholm is the world’s leading manufacturer of tool steel for industrial tools. And that is no accident. We put our hearts into every piece of steel and every step of the process, from raw material to finished product. Technology is important, just as know-how and product development. But equally vital are desire and courage, power and a forward-looking spirit.

It’s about the passion within us – the love of steel!

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Robert Gustafsson

Robert Gustafsson

Press contact Brand and Communication Manager +46 72 547 08 04