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Into The Future With ABAX Hackathon

Press release -

Into The Future With ABAX Hackathon

ABAX is well known for being a unique place to work, and is now introducing a concept called “Hackathon” to further inspire their developers. Throughout the 2 day event all in-house developers at ABAX may work and share their future ideas for the company after an intense code-marathon.

Brand new event

The new, internal event lets developers play with code and ideas looking for the next big thing for the company. It is called a «Hackathon» aimed to motivate the team to deliver something of value in a short amount of time. During the 2 day and night long “Hackathon” the developers team up to brainstorm an idea, make a plan for how to make a short Proof of concept of it, and present it to a judging panel.

Inspiration, Collaboration, Elevation

"Many of our teams have great ideas for improvements or even completely new features that we do not always have the time and resources to explore. By holding the ABAX Hackathon, we deliberately wanted to provide a stage for these ideas, whilst keeping ABAX innovative and competitive! It’s a great opportunity for us to positively impact our product and to shape a healthy and creative working environment!" Said Paul Walsh, CTO.

Eat - sleep - code - repeat
The Event takes place from 15th to 16th August, with 60 members of the ABAX Technology section taking part across many different teams, each with their own exciting ideas. Teams will take a break from normal project work to focus entirely on their new creations. Indeed, some teams will burn the midnight oil to ensure their hackathon entry is a success!

Hans Martin is working as a developer and participating in the «hackathon».

What is the best part of hackathon?

"It is fun to showcase some of the ideas that we have on how we can develop our products and services in the future. In addition, this is a social event, so we are having some beer and food, and it’s always fun to work with people that we normally don’t. In the end we will have a demo were we show what we have created during the night."

Wins respect and honour

The most valuable thing about organizing a «hackathon» is to promote innovation and learn something that would not be possible during a normal working day. Developers are encouraged to try out new technologies to solve new problems. In addition, the format of «hackathon» creates a social arena where co-workers that normally don’t work together can make new bonds. After all the teams have presented their ideas, the internal jury meet to decide the winning team. There will be some prizes, and trophies, but the most valued prize is probably the honour and respect from fellow colleagues. 



About ABAX.

ABAX is a solutions provider for the connected workspace. Backed by Investcorp, ABAX is one of the leading companies in Europe within the telematics and IoT-industry. Through smart solutions, ABAX connects your workspace by offering a variety of products and services. These services enables businesses to boost productivity, reduce costs while keeping oversight, and also increase performance among leaders and employees. All solutions are offered and delivered as Software-as-a-Service. ABAX has 400 employees and offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and China. The company headquarters are based in Larvik, Norway.