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Allison automatic transmission delivers excellent fuel economy in distribution truck.

A-S Transport in Helsingborg, Sweden, drives with extremely low fuel consumption in their Allison-equipped Scania.



Bollebygd, Sweden – A-S Transport was founded in 1990 and has today a fleet of approx. 40 vehicles in their operation. The company solely distributes on both city and regional routes for GDL in Helsingborg who, among others, are contracted by the large food chain ICA and the Swedish Postal Service. Together with the sister company FLD, which is operated under the same management, both companies have 75 employees and mostly deliver groceries.
One of A-S Transports distribution trucks is a Scania P270, equipped with a GA765 (Allison 3000 Series) fully automatic transmission.


– “We bought a new Scania two years ago because we needed an additional distribution truck immediately. When we were offered this Scania, equipped with an Allison fully automatic transmission, we didn´t hesitate,” says Peter Jönsson, CEO and co-owner.  “We have two other trucks with Allison automatic transmissions, one Volvo and one DAF, and we are very pleased with them both; especially the fuel economy. The Scania runs on 2.2 to 2.3 liter per 10 km, which is almost unbeatable I suppose. For many years, we have carefully worked to  optimize the fuel consumption  of our fleet, and our Scania with its automatic transmissions has also been optimized for our driving conditions. We included a new economy shift calibration program which saves an extra 3 percent. In addition we have installed the Scania Fleet Management tools that allow us to monitor in real time the vehicle’s speed over the internet, travelled mileage, driving pattern, fuel efficiency and other key vehicle parameters. But as we see it the Allison automatic transmission’s main advantage is about comfort for the driver, and we would like to underline that we want our drivers to feel comfortable and to have as pleasant drive as possible.”


– “The thing I like about the Allison fully automatic transmission is that it changes gears so unbelievably smoothly,” says the driver Rebecka Hansson. I almost never drive the same route as the day before, and each route has many starts and stops per day, but despite that I feel relaxed and rested when the day is over. There are no tweaks in driving, and comfort for the driver is outstanding. It is particularly impressive when you are about to leave a place and drive out on the main road. The truck quickly gets up to speed, and I can safely enter the traffic flow. ”


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