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I agree with Sentamu, we are at a crossroads with elderly care!

Reported in the Daily Mail, the Archbishop of York relayed his fears for how he feels we're at a moral crossroads over care for elderly and will become a 'sick society' if there are no improvements.  He  has urged David Cameron to tackle the ‘great injustice’ of care for the elderly, warning we risk growing into a ‘sick society’ if there are no improvements in the way vulnerable pensioners are treated. Dr Sentamu went on to say that he felt the Government had reached a ‘moral crossroads’ and must decide whether to build a society that supports the vulnerable or ‘one where individuals face whatever life throws at them on their own’.

I must say, I agree with the archbishop of York.  We are at a moral crossroads regarding our care of the elderly.  As a passionate campaigner for older people's rights and as a board member of the dignity in care campaign, my constant plea to the government is that now is the time for putting compassion into action; they must follow through their promises made to our elder population.

As a society, it is as if we are cutting off a limb by denying our elders access to fair care and having heard Andrew Dillnott speak personally about capped fee's, this is certainly a way forward to ease this crisis I believe.

I have sent David Cameron a copy of my care training film 'What Do you See?' as an emotive reminder to place dignified elder care at the heart of his policy and I have also been a keynote speaker many times alongside Paul Burstow at conferences to highlight this very need.

We have the opportunity to remember our humanity and demonstrate how we value every generation.  Let's act now.


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