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University water cooler rises to global challenge

The University of Manchester is using its choice of water cooler to help bring water to some of the world's poorest people.


Currently there are a billion people without access to clean water and as a result five million children die every year. However the University’s decision to use AquAid water coolers has so far potentially saved the lives of 33,000 children, who now have access to a lifelong supply of clean, safe water.


So how did something as small as the choice of a water cooler transform so many lives?  Simply because with every sale of AquAid water cooler products, money is donated to the award winning charity Pump Aid.


Pump Aid provides simple and effective technology to rural communities in southern and eastern Africa ensuring clean drinking water is available to thousands of needy people. It costs as little as £1 to provide a child with water for the rest of their life. Every day 5,500 children lose the battle for survival, killed by diseased water, so all of AquAid's contributions to the charity are a real lifeline.


A child in Africa needs 20 litres (one bucket) of clean water per day for drinking and domestic use.  At the moment the average lifespan of a child in Zimbabwe is less than 38 years, but with a reliable supply of clean water Pump Aid expects to raise this average to 50 years.


The amount of clean water needed by a child in one year is 7,280 litres.  This means that just 2p given to Pump Aid is enough to provide a child with 20 litres of clean water every day for a year.


Last month alone, with the help of AquAid, Pump Aid brought clean water to 100,000 desperate people.


Janet Lewis, from the University of Manchester said: “We are delighted that deciding to switch our water coolers to AquAid has brought new life and hope to thousands of the world's neediest children. It is amazing to think that every drop of water drunk has been instrumental in bringing a permanent supply to so many African children!”


If you would like to contribute to this great cause you can sign up easily and quickly on the AquAid website.  AquAid offer a free 7 day trial and guaranteed next day delivery from local distribution centres.


Since 1998 organisations choosing AquAid to provide water coolers have helped to bring more than a million people a permanent supply of water.

Uffe Hansen, Group Manager at AquAid said: ”The University of Manchester's donations are remarkable and demonstrate that just by doing a little bit every day, we can all make a big difference to the world. Just by switching to ordering water coolers through AquAid allows companies to contribute and change lives forever.”

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About AquAid:

AquAid is a family owned business founded in 1992 by the Searle family.  Right from the beginning the company's ethos has been to help those in need through the growth and success of the company.  Starting out providing bottled water drinkers with a home delivery service and later expanding when it introduced AquAid water coolers, AquAid became Cambridgeshire's fastest expanding water cooler company.  Today AquAid is a successful, award-winning water cooler company which is still run by the founding family.  AquAid is also one of Christian Aid's biggest corporate sponsors.