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Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga Episode Two, “Shadow in the Ice”, Breaks Free January 28

Press release   •   Jan 16, 2020 14:00 GMT

January 16, 2020 – The second chapter of Guild Wars 2’s continuing story The Icebrood Saga arrives Tuesday, January 28 as the shroud around an ancient and primordial beast is finally lifted. Titled Shadow in the Ice, the episode expands the frigid landscape of the Northern Shiverpeaks while confronting players with an epic world boss known as Drakkar. In addition, a multitude of new activities and expanded systems introduced in Episode One await the intrepid and daring. ArenaNet released a new trailer today that gives a glimpse of the challenges ahead, and the first steps on the road that leads to player ally Braham’s prophetic destiny.

You can watch the Shadow in the Ice trailer HERE.

In addition to a new story that explores the mysterious norn Spirits of the Wild and their relationship to the Elder Dragon Jormag, Shadow in the Ice introduces a plethora of new features to the game, including:

  • An expansion to the Bjora Marches map introduced in Episode One, nearly doubling the size and providing new explorable areas and rewards
  • New tiers to the Essence Manipulation and Raven Attunement mastery tracks
  • A new Strike Mission that pits players against the whispers in their mind, and the dark force driving them
  • The Trials of Koda, a series of new rotating, multi-tiered map events with unique achievements
  • A new, upgradable third tier to the Ancient Boreal weapon set
  • A new Raven armor set, heretofore only available to NPC characters
  • A new world boss, Drakkar, Jormag’s champion locked beneath Lake Drakkar for untold centuries

For additional screenshots and assets from the episode, CLICK HERE.

Like all Living World episodes, Shadow in the Ice will be free for all players who own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and log in upon its release. 

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