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Bingo Waves offers Bingo Bud Surprise Bonus Party Goodies for extra bonuses

Bingo waves have yet again come with another weekend Newsletter Gazette with special promotions and excited bonuses with No Deposit Bingo to let you play even more than you play every day. This week players get an opportunity to wish your most favorite Bingo Bud.  Wish him to join the birthday party. He isn’t coming to the birthday party with empty hands. So join the party to win yourself whole lot of birthday goodies.

Join the surprise bonus party organized by Bingo Free bud and he already stated to sing the song to give your real good surprises. The streamers are hung, the lights are dimmed low, the bonuses are all hidden, so deposit and start the show! Hope you must have understood by now, so do you like good surprises, so why late now, Play Bingo bud is giving away surprise bonuses all throughout the weekend. So deposit every day between Thursday-Sunday & get up to 2 surprise re-deposit bonuses a day. All you have to do is make a deposit as the right time and you could use a promo code BDAY to get up to 130% per deposit.

As always the quick quiz question is up for you with your favorite prize money. The question is related to birthday as it is birthday season celebration at Bingo waves to Bingo Play.  Bingo Bud has come up with the question “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”? And the question is to whom and when was this song sung?  Get ready to mail the correct answers to to claim your favorite £10. The players who have answered correctly will be selected randomly and they will be loaded with £10.

The instant jackpots have filled their pots with lot of money by Playing Bingo Games.  Play your favorite Online Bingo to get yourself present for the whooping jackpot of £1875. So keep yourself active and you could be the next lucky Bingo Winner to win the bingo jackpot at Bingo waves. This week instant game jackpot has gone up to £6180. Catch up with your favorite instant to make yourself a part of this instant game jackpot.

Another great opportunity to wish your UK Bingo bud on his birthday week.  Send a Birthday card to Bingo Bud. The card should be a hand drawn and for this card you have sent will let you win £10. All you have to do is draw a fun birthday greeting card and email it to and the best card will be posted on our website and for that you will get a guaranteed £10 Bingo Bonus.  Don’t forget the Card must include the words of greeting – “Happy Birthday Bingo Bud”. Hurry up to send your drawing.

That’s not all; the Bingo Promotions range will work as usual to let you enjoy the daily benefits of playing your favorite Free Bingo on your favorite site. The bonus offers are all set and waiting for you grab your share and enjoy loads of bingo.  You could also enjoy your favorite instant games and Online Casino Games to bag up loads of cash every day. So as to grab more and more prizes, play your favorite games on your favorite Bingo Waves site. Good Luck!!

So Get - Ready for the fun filled trip to Bingo Waves and have loads of fun. Happy Gaming!!

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