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”Nordisk Bevakningstjänst” gears up with the help of GuardTools®

Stockholm, 19th July 2011. Nordisk Bevakningstjänst ( “Nordic Security Services”) is in the middle of a phase of major investments following the change towards renewed independence (formerly belonging to the “Panaxia” group). As an important step in these investments, Nordisk Bevakningstjänst has taken the corporate decision to replace previous systems and implement the world leading operations support system GuardTools®. Most importantly, GuardTools® will offer all end-clients full transparency on incidents and actions taken by the security officers. In the meantime GuardTools® is expected to further improve internal efficiency and assist in full quality assurance for Nordisk Bevakningstjänst.

”Amongst all investments presently made to assure us to become the most modern player in our industry, the investment in GuardTools® is of essential strategic importance”, states MD Håkan Isaksson. ”We further enhance our service portfolio and will be able to meet up to the demands for total up-to-date information as expressed by todays end clients”.

”GuardTools® now becoming part of all the investments made by Nordisk Bevakningstjänst came as no surprise to me”, says Peter Andreasson, co-founder and business developer for Blue Mobile Systems. ”They made the strategic decision to really prioritise the customer service experience in line with the requirements of our time. I know now as a fact that Nordisk Bevakningstjänst will make its clients even happier than they have been before”.

Nordisk Bevakningstjänst was first founded May 2004 on the initiative of Håkan Isaksson. Håkan is now again leading the company and holding the position of MD in Nordisk Bevakningstjänst. The company is accredited in accordance with all the extremely high standards that apply for the Swedish security industry. The company operates its services with 400 employees and has an estimated annual turnover of 120 Million Swedish Crowns.

Focusing purely on the Security and Manned guarding sector, Blue Mobile Systems already has top quality businesses in Scandinavia implementing GuardTools® into the whole of their operations. The GuardTools® product offers full process operations support and comprises three applications: GuardTools® Mobile for the guard in the field, GuardTools® Web, offering a content rich web portal to the end-clients and GuardTools® Office with broad operational support for management within manned guarding and security companies.

For more information:

Håkan Isaksson, VD Nordisk Bevakningstjänst AB

Phone: +46 8 688 86 60 / Email:

Leo de Meere, VD Blue Mobile Systems AB

Phone: +46 708 506 529 / Email:

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