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Harry O'Conor
Harry O'Conor

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Harry O’Conor strengthens the BoKlok team in Bristol

Meet Harry O’Conor, who leads the community engagement at BoKlok on the Brook in Bristol. Harry joined BoKlok in November 2020 on a secondment from the Bristol Housing Festival. As a Bristol resident himself, with a great knowledge of the area and strong local contacts, Harry seemed the ideal choice to reach out to the community in Bristol, among which BoKlok is building their first ever UK development.

Since having joined the team, Harry has been working hard to make sure that BoKlok is not only keeping local residents up to date with what’s happening on site, but that BoKlok is listening and reacting to the needs of the community. He has been speaking with local residents and community groups about what wider benefits they would like the new scheme to deliver. Whether that’s more cycle routes, improvements to the Brislington Brook or creating new play areas, this feedback is vital and will shape the development. It will help BoKlok ensure that not only the needs of the new residents are met, but where possible, meet the needs of those who form part of the wider community too.

“What struck me about BoKlok from the start, is the whole ethos, which is based on trust and transparency. I admire the unwavering commitment to deliver homes that are priced fairly, making them more accessible for more people. BoKlok has an opportunity to deliver something here that is far more than just homes. If I can play just a small part in that, by working closely with those who live and work in the area to understand the local needs and wants, relaying this information and in turn shaping the wider scheme that is delivered, then I think that’s pretty special.” says Harry O’Conor.

From meeting with local councillors and community groups (albeit virtually in the current world we live in), Harry has established some great relationships and has facilitated a strong two way communication – one that hopefully will continue to go from strength to strength.

Harry is also working alongside the team to explore areas where BoKlok can give back or have a direct and positive impact locally. From developing strategies that maximise local employment opportunities to exploring the demand for student/work experience placements on site, his role is both vast and varied.

Describing himself as a ‘bridge’ between BoKlok and the local community, Harry says: “The role I have undertaken for BoKlok here in Bristol has given us a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference. To be able to work so closely with so many of the groups and individuals, who are so passionate about the area and its future, is a privilege.”

Do you run a community group or live locally and have ideas or questions? Contact Harry and the BoKlok team at!

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Emma Plumridge

Emma Plumridge

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Skanska & IKEA

BoKlok is a home ownership concept from Sweden, owned by Skanska and IKEA. We are a developer of sustainable residential communities with more than 25 years’ experience and so far we have developed about 15,000 homes across Scandinavia. BoKlok was established in the UK in 2019.

BoKlok is responsible for the entire value chain, from product development, project development and manufacturing in the factory to construction, sales and customer relations after moving in.

We combine Skanska's solid experience of building houses with IKEA's solid experience of furnishing them, creating sustainable homes and communities with high quality and beautiful design, that offer great value to the people who live there.


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