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Local school children designed Homes for the Future

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Local school children designed Homes for the Future

BoKlok UK visited The Laurels School in Worthing in April to run our Homes for the Future session with their Year 3 and Year 4 children. BoKlok shared why building good quality, sustainable housing is so important, while also introducing them to the built environment in an engaging and inspiring way.

The session invited pupils to design a home they hope to see in the decades to come. Following the instruction to make ‘Innovation’ the core of their design, all sorts of brilliant ideas were created, from slides connecting floors, to huge, wooden treehouses, or even entire rooms devoted to sweets! The aim was to encourage the children to think differently about how we can solve problems and improve what we have in front of us.

Homes for the Future also introduces the pupils to careers they may not have heard of before, while highlighting the importance of teamwork within a company like BoKlok.

Following a presentation outlining the ways BoKlok is already leading the way in creating sustainable, innovative housing, pupils were engaged and excited to share their creative designs too.

Beth Collins, Assistant Headteacher, said:

- We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with BoKlok - Homes of the Future. Harry from BoKlok delivered an engaging presentation which ignited the imaginations of our children. This encouraged them to 'think outside the box' and bring their enthusiasm and ideas to life. Many of the children walk past the site every day and now feel involved in the project.

As a result of the session, BoKlok will be putting the pupils’ designs on the hoarding on Fulbeck Avenue. If you’re walking past the development, make sure you look out from some colourful drawings!

Harry O’Conor, Community Engagement Lead at BoKlok, said:

- Thank you to The Laurels Primary School for letting us come run this session – we had a brilliant time and we hope we were able to inspire you with some innovation!

Find out more about the homes at BoKlok on the Lake

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Skanska & IKEA

BoKlok is a home ownership concept from Sweden, owned by Skanska and IKEA. We are a developer of sustainable residential communities with more than 25 years’ experience and so far we have developed about 15,000 homes across Scandinavia. BoKlok was established in the UK in 2019.

BoKlok is responsible for the entire value chain, from product development, project development and manufacturing in the factory to construction, sales and customer relations after moving in.

We combine Skanska's solid experience of building houses with IKEA's solid experience of furnishing them, creating sustainable homes and communities with high quality and beautiful design, that offer great value to the people who live there.

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