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Sitecore Acquires Pectora to Bridge the Gap Between Print and Digital Worlds

London – July 5, 2011 Sitecore, the company that has redefined Web Content Management, announced today it has acquired the development team and the intellectual property of Pectora. A long-standing Sitecore technology partner, Pectora, provides Web publishing solutions for deep integration with print-based projects.  The combined offering brings together print and Web design teams to deliver more dynamic, personalised, customer-facing print media including brochures, catalogues and magazines.


“We are continuing our investment in providing business and marketing solutions that make the customer experience more personalised and engaging,” said Michael Seifert, CEO, Sitecore. “The way in which we retrieve information has changed immensely. As consumers, we expect our interactions with companies to be consistent whether via the Web, email, mobile phone or reading collateral. Our acquisition of Pectora allows us to bring consistency and personalisation to print and digital communications.”


The Pectora technology enables marketers and Web designers to utilise Sitecore’s Web platform as a central hub for all Adobe InDesign content as well as all document layouts and settings.   The offering brings rich content management capabilities to print designs in the InDesign and InCopy products, including team collaboration, multi-lingual management, security and workflow control and dynamic document delivery.


The combined solution brings the best of digital marketing capabilities to the offline world, allowing marketers to utilise content across all channels.  Marketers can also deliver highly relevant and targeted content and offers to users based on interests, behaviour, location and buying – in a channel independent way. Furthermore, it is now possible for organisations to connect customer behaviour through collateral pieces directly into websites and campaigns. By taking advantage of rich document capabilities of InDesign, InCopy and Adobe’s Creative Suite, including dynamic linking and QR (Quick Response) code embedding, it’s possible to close the loop on marketing performance in the offline world.


For example, by utilising the Pectora technology integrated with Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform, a consumer can read a printed piece of collateral or signage, scan it with a smartphone camera and be automatically brought to a relevant Web page for a mobile experience, while tracking the campaign performance for the marketer.


About Sitecore


Sitecore redefines how organisations engage with their customers online, powering experiences that can sense and adapt to a customer’s needs to increase revenue and customer lifetime value and satisfaction. Sitecore was the first Web Content Management system (WCM) to incorporate marketing automation, intranet portal, e-commerce, Web optimisation, social media and campaign management technologies into a cohesive, integrated open platform. Sitecore’s software makes it easy for businesses to identify, serve, engage and convert new customers online.

Sitecore’s broad choice of capabilities enable marketing professionals, business stakeholders and information technology teams to rapidly implement, measure and manage a successful website and online business strategy. Its powerful development platform, integrated marketing automation tools and intuitive editing workspace enables successful websites of all types.


Thousands of public and private organisations, including national governments, FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, utilise Sitecore solutions for their websites, intranets and portals. These organisations have created and now manage more than 28,000 dynamic websites with Sitecore including Microsoft, Lloyd’s of London, VISA Europe, Cadbury, Universal Music Publishing,, British Red Cross, Sara Lee, Siemens, Experian, WebTrends, DVLA, Conservative Party, NHS Direct, Birmingham Airport and Manchester United Football club.

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