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CMA Global discuss the best way to encourage referrals

Direct sales and marketing specialist CMA Global discuss the best way to encourage others to refer your business. The Atlanta based firm believe It is essential to build credibility and goodwill with members of your network and have come up with some tactics to encourage referrals.

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Most would agree that the best way to continually gain referrals is by building mutual trust and provide a rewards and incentives scheme.  Through following CMA Global’s steps, you will ensure to constantly reap the rewards from your clients and those in your network.

First of all, once you’ve managed to gain a referral it's important to make them feel valued, one way to do just that, is to set up a one-to-one meeting. Meeting a referral in person is an excellent way of learning more about their business or interests. CMA Global would advise preparing some questions in advance so that the conversations don’t hit a wall and are engaging for both parties.

Another key tactic is through continually attending networking events; the firm is avid believers of the power these events have on business. The firm provides all their contractors with the opportunity to broaden their networks, and budding entrepreneurs should be doing the same. Finding the right network streams for your business is essential.

It's important to not only just accept referrals but where possible pass on referrals in your network, it's a great way of building your relationships with clients and potential clients. Through helping your sources build their businesses you are creating a positive atmosphere; you show them that you’re not just in it for what they can provide your business.

A further tactic that is sure to encourage referrals is organizing group activities for clients. Being able to bring your clients together under one roof provides you with a fantastic environment for raising your credibility within your network. Everyone in the room will have one thing in common, you! As a result, you are going to be the focal point for most if not all conversations. These events can be anything from lunches to hosting workshops on specific topics.

CMA Global specializes in personalized marketing; they believe that it is the quickest and most- efficient way to reach clients customers. By developing strategic and demographic focused campaigns, which gives the firm the best outlet to facilitate their clients’ needs, without the large space overheads and ongoing payroll bill. CMA Global Inc. creates a platform, which offers brand exposure, and recognition directly to the customers’ needs via the client. Providing a hands-on service including customer care, product demonstrations and pre-sales care; brands can personalize their campaigns to maximize engagement and build a sound basis for a client relationship.


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