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Criterion Worldwide host companywide workshop on the law of attraction

Direct sales and marketing specialists, Criterion Worldwide held a company-wide workshop this week exploring the topic of the law of attraction.

About the firm:

For individuals looking to attract awesome things into their life, they must first see it in their mind. Next comes the belief that it is possible, followed up by a willingness to work on it so that remarkable visions become a reality.

The Law of Attraction is the capacity to attract whatever a person is focusing on, into their life. The theory works when an individual has a passion for what they do, so the actions they take to achieve success are not tricky, instead fuelled by desire. A mind is powerful, and The Law of Attraction outlines that when positive thoughts are used together with a set goal, an individual will find a way to achieve their dreams.

One of the main cornerstones of The Law of Attraction is creative visualisation. Global Marketing Solutions firm Criterion Worldwide states that this visualisation is the most beneficial to entrepreneurs. A person’s creative subconscious is activated when the mind is used to visualise goals which will then generate innovative ideas that are used to accomplish goals. The brain is re-programmed by visualisation to recognise positive situations and individuals that will help a person to reach their dreams. Also, the technique of visualisation will help build inner motivation.

Lewis Morton, Managing Director of Criterion Worldwide, dedicates much of his time to fostering the development and education of future entrepreneurs within the sales and marketing industry. This week, the MD held a companywide workshop on The Law of Attraction and how the theory can go a long way to ensuring success in the industry. When asked, the Managing Director commented on the importance of the law, stating that “The Law of Attraction and creative visualisation go a long way to helping entrepreneurs on their journey to success. I chose to use the law as the topic of this week’s workshop because I wanted to focus on how positive thoughts and visualisation can help our entrepreneurs achieve their goals.”



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Managing Director - Lewis Morton 

We specialize in direct-marketing, which is the process of taking a product or service directly to the targeted consumer demographic. Specializing in face to face, we now have over 100 offices worldwide and will be at 1000 in within 5 years.

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