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Learn to swin with Speedo for summer

The Speedo Sea Squad have come up with the Learn to Swim

range, which is designed to introduce kids to the water in a safe

way. The range is divided into three stages and has a host of fun

equipment designed to help your child every step of the way.

Start Splashing: Stage one is designed to introduce the child to

the water, whether it is the pool or just in the bath. Watch them

laugh as they splash around in their Swim Seat, and then hug them

dry in Speedo’s fantastic baby towels.

Start Swimming: Now your child has learnt the basics, it’s time

to start to learn to swim. Speedo has designed a range of fl oats

and swim vests to help your child move around independently in

the water. They will help them adopt the swimming position and

encourage them to paddle.

Get Confi dent: This stage is all about developing swim technique.

The Mini Kick is great for developing fl oating and kicking movement.

There is also a range of dive toys to encourage children to hold

their breath and open their eyes under water. Just make sure they

have their Speedo goggles on too.

When children have the basics of swimming perfected, parents can

relax a bit more in the summer sun – secure in the knowledge their

kids are water safe and having a great time.


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