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Photo: burgbad
Photo: burgbad

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A bathroom with built-in character: Lin20 from burgbad brings bathrooms of any size into line

The new Lin20 collection from burgbad brings a uniquely clear line to bathroom design – with a consistency rarely seen. With wall-mounted and floor-standing solutions in an emphatically simple, straightforward design, Lin20 is deliberately unobtrusive. And thanks to its modular structure and three staggered depths, it’s so versatile that there’s an almost architectonic quality to the storage space it provides.

With Lin20, burgbad is once again launching a bathroom furniture range with an extensive portfolio that includes a wide selection of model sizes and surfaces, vanity tops and sit-on basins in ceramic and mineral cast, and a host of attractive extras like an apothecary cabinet and colours with an up-to-the-minute ultra matt finish – all intended for combining and creating individual layouts. Thanks to its simple, handleless design and floor-standing cabinets with integrated plinth, Lin20 creates maximum storage space with a minimalist aesthetic. And best of all: despite its diversity, the new range from the sys20 design line segment is surprisingly easy to plan because of the straightforward, logical way it’s structured.

Neat and tidy: Lin20 creates storage space and an uncluttered look

As a standalone piece, the Lin20 vanity unit looks like a monolithic statement: straightforward, self-contained, pragmatically simple. The width and height of the compact furniture make the most of whatever space is available. The reduced-depth cabinet and vanity options from the Lin20 collection are particularly suitable for making maximum use of small bathrooms and creating a consistent overall look. The goal is a bathroom that doesn’t just create order but looks neat and tidy too. Developed in collaboration with nexus product design, the collection radiates a classic, modern feel and permits customisable colour combinations.

Modular range structure based on the same principle as a fitted kitchen

But it’s the groupings of different elements that best demonstrate what’s so special about Lin20: as a modularly structured range, Lin20 reinvents bathroom furnishings by adopting the principle of efficient and ergonomic storage space maximisation familiar from kitchen design. Thanks to a classic grid system, the vanity units and add-on cabinets can be used to create apparently seamless combinations and form long rows of floor-standing units with a character similar to that of a built-in kitchen. This impression is reinforced by the emphatically horizontal lines of the handleless furniture, which match up when the modules are combined and thus create a visual analogy with kitchen design as well.

Urban bathrooms, long narrow spaces, awkward layouts: Lin20 was developed for challenging architectural contexts

From a small bathroom in the city all the way to a spacious master suite: thanks to its modularity, Lin20 is ideal for furnishing even the most difficult of spaces. There are three widths, three depths and two heights for floor-standing and wall-mounted arrangements, including a wide choice of reduced-depth vanity units and cabinets. Lin20 provides compact and integrative solutions that create the impression of a seamless whole. As a result, it’s just as suitable for furnishing the long, narrow bathrooms typically found in urban housing as it is for sophisticated details like T-walls implemented with the aid of pre-wall elements. “Lin20 fills a gap when it comes to making the most of individual and often awkward spaces like narrow rooms or layouts with lots of corners,” says head of marketing Sabine Meissner of the new burgbad collection’s potential.

Horizontally accentuated proportions with an elegantly raised basin

Both the fronts and vertical surfaces of the Lin20 collection consist of a single, minimalist plane. The continuous horizontal recessed pulls integrated into the ultra-thin fronts are the only decorative touch. They add structure to the front view and create a visual link, especially in the case of wide combinations. The vanity unit is subtly accentuated: the deliberate omission of the top pull on the add-on cabinets to the sides means they are slightly lower, adding an interesting rhythm to the silhouette of larger arrangements.

Washbasins in ceramic and mineral cast: from reduced-depth all the way to extra-wide 

The Lin20 vanity tops and sit-on basins are available in a choice of ceramic or mineral cast. The ceramic versions are available in four widths (630, 830, 1030 and 1,230mm) and three depths (370, 415 and 495mm) in size-adjusted form, and the mineral cast options come in no fewer than six widths (620, 820, 1,020, 1,220, 1,420 and 1,620 mm) and three depths (365, 415 and 495mm). A guest bathroom solution is also available in each material. All the vanity tops have a simple, straightforward design with a softly rounded bowl, slender edges and convenient ledges. Depending on the width of the vanity top, customers can choose from wide, centrally positioned bowls, asymmetric layouts with a wide ledge and double vanities with a single continuous basin or two separate bowls.

New ceramic washbasin: an unusual size for unusual urban bathrooms

The reduced-depth sit-on washbasin in ceramic is new and was specially developed for small urban bathrooms; its proportions – 630mm wide and just 370mm deep – are perfectly coordinated with the Lin20 collection to ensure a harmonious overall look. Thanks to its unusually slender edges, it provides sufficient volume for everyday usage despite its small dimensions. It can either be combined with the reduced-depth vanity cabinet as an alternative to the classic vanity top or paired with standard-sized cabinets. All the standard-width vanity cabinets (487mm) in the Lin20 range are available with countertops for use in conjunction with the wide selection of sit-on basins available from the design lines in burgbad’s sys30 system.

The base cabinets: perfectly in line with pullout-only storage

The vanity cabinets (available in widths of 600, 800, 1,000, 1,200, 1,400 and 1,600mm) and the matching add-on cabinets (400 and 600mm wide) were deliberately designed without doors. Instead, they are available with an asymmetric arrangement of two or three pullouts (wall-mounted/floor-standing): the bottom drawer is always higher to accommodate bulky utensils. The various cabinet types are available in the same three depths too: 357, 407 and 487mm. The Lin20 collection also includes a standalone sideboard in standard depth (487mm) and three widths (800, 1,000 and 1,200mm) with a single pullout.

The tall cabinets: a sophisticated inner life behind closed doors

By contrast, the tall cabinets are all equipped with doors. They are available in several versions and in floor-standing (height: 2,000mm) and wall-mounted options (height: 1,700mm) with a uniform width of 400mm: a basic model with one fixed shelf and three glass shelves; another version with shelves on the inside of the fronts; a version with a laundry basket; and a model with interior drawers, interior LED lighting, a mirror plus magnifying mirror and a power socket. In addition to the standard depth of 343mm, the first two variants are even available as reduced-depth versions with a depth of just 243mm.

The apothecary cabinet is equipped for maximum convenience: its lower section contains a double power socket and hairdryer holder. A full-length mirror with a storage door (width: 400mm; height: 1,760mm) puts the finishing touches to the Lin20 range and is available with and without lighting/power socket.

The Lin20 guest bathroom: minimalism at its purist

The Lin20 guest bathroom is also available with a mineral cast or ceramic washbasin that fits perfectly with the minimalist design of the collection. With a depth of just 270mm and a width of 420mm (mineral cast) or 430mm (ceramic), the one-door, wall-mounted vanity units (height: 600m) cut a remarkably slender figure. What’s more, the guest bathroom solution can be selected in all the finishes available for the Lin20 collection – including the option of made-to-order production in any RAL colour for creating accentuated interior designs. A rectangular mirror with integrated LED lighting on the side adds the finishing touch to the Lin20 guest bathroom.

The Lin20 mirror cabinet: minimalist and efficient

The Lin20 mirror cabinets are available in six widths (ranging from 600 to 1,600mm) and feature minimalist horizontal lighting based on a new lighting concept that emits glare-free, dimmable light that can be varied between warm and cold white. Besides illuminating the area in front of the cabinet, the light also shines inwards and upwards; as a result, a single LED light is all that’s needed to illuminate the inside of the cabinet and provide indirect overhead lighting. The cabinets (height: 700mm; depth: 160mm) are equipped with doors mirrored on both sides, a switch and plug, a magnifying mirror and glass shelves and are also available with optional washbasin lighting.

The convenient illuminated mirror: round or rectangular, smart and right on trend

The new circular wall mirror (diameter: 750mm) with all-round LED lighting, integrated heating and sensor-based controls is simple, elegant and right on trend. In addition to the convenient features that come with the round version, the rectangular mirror with integrated LED lighting (available in six widths between 600 and 1,60mm) is also equipped with two USB ports. Like the mirror cabinet, it echoes the horizontal lines that characterise the design of the furniture.

Natural, purist or colour-blocking effects: Lin20 adds colour and cosiness

The flexible options for combining the cabinet modules in melamine, acrylic and lacquer finishes open up a great deal of scope not just for simple, monochrome effects but for colour blocking with interesting combinations of colours and materials. Customers can choose from 11 standard colours, 12 trend colours (available in both matt and high gloss for the lacquer fronts) and 10 up-to-the minute wood-effect finishes.

On trend: custom colour and / or ultra matt

Lin20 is one of the collections for which burgbad offers customised production in RAL colours. But Lin20 offers customers another special option too: the surfaces can be ordered with an ultra matt finish. All the colours from the lacquer spectrum, including the trend and RAL colours, can be ordered with an up-to-the-minute ultra matt coating. Besides allowing the bathroom furnishings to be adapted to their context, this also means customers can design their bathroom in their favourite colour – only the custom-sizable collections from burgbad’s sys30 system offer greater scope for individuality.

Lin20 is available from 1.5.2021



The company made a decision fifty years ago to switch from the production of building blocks and shelves that it introduced when the company was founded in 1946 and specialize in the production of bathroom furniture. Since then its portfolio and know-how have grown steadily. Operating under the name burgbad, the group of companies with production facilities at its headquarters in Bad Fredeburg in the Westphalian region, in Greding, in Lauterbach-Allmenrod and in Nogent le Roi in France has merged to form a strong brand - with a new logo. The internationally active company has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ECZACIBASI Group since 2010 and feels at home anywhere in the world.

As a global market leader, burgbad offers attractive solutions in all bathroom furniture segments - from family-friendly bathrooms in a lacquered, veneered and country style and design-orientated bathroom furniture with a timelessly classic design through to individual room concepts with progressive architecture. burgbad is well-known for innovative interior bathroom concepts that create a homely feel.


Claudia Wanninger

Claudia Wanninger

Press contact Content Editor +49 (0) 221/620 180 2
Sabine Meissner

Sabine Meissner

Press contact Head of Marketing - Burgbad AG +49 (0) 29 74-7 72-0

Bathroom furniture from burgbad

As a global market leader, burgbad offers attractive solutions in all bathroom furniture segments - from family-friendly bathrooms in a lacquered, veneered and country style and design-orientated bathroom furniture with a timelessly classic design through to individual room concepts with progressive architecture. burgbad is well-known for innovative interior bathroom concepts that create a homely feel.

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