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Photo: Constantin Meyer; burgbad
Photo: Constantin Meyer; burgbad

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burgbad: No borders. Just furniture.

With its two new capsule collections MYA and RGB, burgbad is expanding its market positioning as a furniture manufacturer for the entire interiors sector.The standalone collection MYA by Altherr Désile Park and the RGB furniture system by Stefan Diez are versatile and flexible responses to a contemporary interior design trend that advocates consistently cosy design for functional areas and the elimination of boundaries between spaces.

burgbad creates furniture and interiors at the crossover between the bathroom and living space.Today, burgbad stands not just for innovative bathroom furnishing concepts that are embedded in the overall context of the home, but for individuality and versatility as well.As a boutique manufacturer on an industrial scale, burgbad is responding to the constant changes and changing requirements that shape our homes and lives by developing products that permit individuality and accompany change: furniture and accessories that are just as much at home in the bathroom and kitchen as they are in a living room setting or an office environment.

Last year, in order to implement this approach consistently, burgbad launched its new series of capsule collections, each of which aims to implement unusually progressive ideas by a prominent designer. The series kicked off with an initial set of designs by Stefan Diez.In terms of both their cosy character and functionality, the capsule collections are intended to transcend the boundaries of snug bathroom interiors – the territory where, during the more than 70 years of its existence, burgbad has established itself as a bathroom furniture specialist and market leader for individual solutions in the premium segment.

The new capsule collections: RGB and MYA

With Stefan Diez, burgbad was able to engage one of the sector’s most internationally influential designers for the project.Now available in the form of both sets and pre-assembled components, RGB is a highly compelling capsule collection – not just because of the strong concept behind its linear design, but also because of its flexibility, wide range of applications and unusual aesthetic.

MYA – the second capsule collection from burgbad – evolved from a product concept for cosy bathroom design by Jeannette Altherr, which has now been extended into an extensive furniture range with storage and seating elements as well as a series of shelves and accessories.Design studio Altherr Désile Park from Barcelona was commissioned by burgbad to create a collection of standalone furniture and accessories that can be used throughout the home and conjure up an atmosphere of warmth and familiarity despite their purist design.

Furniture like old friends or as a modern statement: two designers, two concepts, two palettes of materials – and a shared idea of lightness

A collection and a modular range that couldn’t be more different: one natural, cosy and warm, the other modern, minimalist and colourful.Whereas MYA cites traditional models and translates their charm into contemporary design, RGB takes a totally new approach to defining volumes.MYA is a collection of standalone furniture that mainly consists of floor-standing and down-to-earth pieces with a self-confident design that blends in with all sorts of different contexts. RGB, on the other hand, is ideal for creating a rigorously modern interior while simultaneously adding a totally new touch to the existing furnishings and architecture.

But the two capsule collections have certain things in common as well. Both are based on an open storage concept that adds a compelling lightness to the spaces they’re used in. And both are highly versatile – MYA is designed for universal functionality, RGB for modularity and extendability.But more than anything else, burgbad’s capsule collections are designed for use anywhere in the home: from the kitchen out into the hallway and on into the living room, through the bathroom and into the bedroom; as standalone pieces or a system, accessories or furnishings.

imm cologne 2020: MYA and RGB make a joint appearance in a fascinating installation

At the international furniture and interiors fair imm cologne, the two capsule collections will make a joint appearance in an interior installation designed by Altherr Désile Park.It shows two apartments in totally different styles that emphasise the contrasts between the two collections – and underscore the versatility and strong personalities of the two capsule collections from burgbad.

Both the designs that served as the starting point for the MYA and RGB capsule collections – the original Mya bathroom collection by Jeannette Altherr and the rgb concept study by Stefan Diez – have meanwhile been honoured with the German Design Award.These accolades encouraged the company in its approach of cultivating burgbad’s market in the interiors sector with creative design approaches aimed at consumers, interior professionals and the contract sector.

The MYA and RGB capsule collections from burgbad are made in Germany and mobile right down to the last detail: both are designed for simple disassembly and optimised for e-commerce.

The capsule collections making their debut at imm cologne 2020 open up new scope.Not just for burgbad, but for interior design that can use the MYA and RGB furniture in every area of the home to create new functional links and a consistent aesthetic.

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The company made a decision fifty years ago to switch from the production of building blocks and shelves that it introduced when the company was founded in 1946 and specialize in the production of bathroom furniture. Since then its portfolio and know-how have grown steadily. Operating under the name burgbad, the group of companies with production facilities at its headquarters in Bad Fredeburg in the Westphalian region, in Greding, in Lauterbach-Allmenrod and in Nogent le Roi in France has merged to form a strong brand - with a new logo. The internationally active company has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ECZACIBASI Group since 2010 and feels at home anywhere in the world.

As a global market leader, burgbad offers attractive solutions in all bathroom furniture segments - from family-friendly bathrooms in a lacquered, veneered and country style and design-orientated bathroom furniture with a timelessly classic design through to individual room concepts with progressive architecture. burgbad is well-known for innovative interior bathroom concepts that create a homely feel.

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Sabine Meissner

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