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Foto: burgbad, Salva López
Foto: burgbad, Salva López

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Familiar, versatile, timeless: MYA by burgbad

With its second capsule collection MYA, designed by Spanish studio Altherr Désile Park, burgbad is presenting a range of solid oak furniture that exudes a sense of calm and keeps the home grounded.The VIV stool extends the MYA collection with a mobile and versatile plastic element that doubles as a seat and storage container.

MYA is a collection of distinctive standalone furniture from burgbad that appeals to all the senses: materials that vary from warm wood to smooth metal to soft leather; colours that soothe the eyes; and a design that’s highly emotional despite the clarity of its forms and invites associations with the simplicity of nature. Because the open and purist design by the Altherr Désile Park studio from Barcelona doesn’t attempt to hide anything, it comes across as authentic and down to earth.MYA combines different materials as if it were the most natural thing in the world, effortlessly creates connections with its surroundings and immediately conveys an atmosphere of familiarity: the feeling of being at home.

Unpretentious oak furniture with an authentic, handcrafted character

With its new capsule collection MYA, burgbad is presenting a range with an emphatically open storage concept.Made of solid wood, real wood veneer, metal and leather, the series is inspired by traditional Shaker furniture, the aesthetic of which evolved from a combination of craftsmanship, natural materials and an appreciation of simplicity.“This culture is deeply rooted in traditional craftsmanship and was applying the principle of reduction long before the advent of modernism – but in the sense of reducing things to their essence rather than rational omission at the expense of atmosphere.MYA is meant to embody the same tranquil clarity without seeming cold and distant,” explains designer Jeannette Altherr.

The construction principle behind MYA is based on a combination of rounded wooden rods, shelves and storage made of oak or metal, wooden drawers with traditional dovetail joints and light brown metal boxes, plus bench toppers and accessories in thick, naturally tanned rhubarb leather.Whereas the wooden shelves and frame merge into an almost seamless whole, the metal shelves wrap themselves around the wooden rods.

Oak with a matt natural or matt black finish, honey-coloured metal and the light beige of the soft, natural-coloured leather: the subtly coordinated nuanced shades underscore the collection’s elegant, down-to-earth character.The combination of leather and wood in a light, Scandinavian look or a dark, elegant colourway give MYA a sense of cosiness and an aura of permanence: the idea of something that has been entrusted to us, something that reflects both nature and culture.

The MYA capsule collection by burgbad: mix-and-match standalone furniture for all areas of the home

The second capsule collection from burgbad evolved from a concept for cosy bathroom design that has been supplemented with storage and seating elements and a series of shelves and accessories to create a furniture range that can be used throughout the home, independently of what purpose the individual spaces serve.

The collection includes lowboards in three widths that are available with or without drawers and can be fitted with an optional leather topper to turn them into a bench, as well as three mid-height sideboards and a taller, narrow shelving unit, all of which are equipped with drawers.The repetition of the 60-cm grid gives the wider pieces of furniture an attractive rhythm that can be further accentuated by opting for a two-colour effect created by combining oak elements with a clear or black finish.

The MYA vanity unit is available from sanitaryware dealers and consists of a ceramic vanity top – a countertop with rounded edges and a sit-on washbasin in matt white or black – combined with a vanity cabinet in natural or black oak. The vanity unit comes in two widths (65 and 120cm), is equipped with drawers andavailable with either a single or double washbasin.

A full-length mirror with an integrated leather storage pouch, round mirrors with or without atmospheric indirect lighting, a set of purist pendant lamps, a towel rail and a freestanding towel rack put the finishing touches to a collection that adapts to people’s needs at any stage of life.The range also includes accessories and practical helpers such as a leather utensils organiser, a hook set, metal boxes and a wooden tray.

The MYA collection also features products for the wall in the form of metal shelves that are available with or without pegs and therefore just as suitable for office use as they are for the kitchen.If several shelves are mounted one above the other, they can be merged into a single entity with infill panels that harmonise with the MYA colour scheme (currently available in red).

Sitting pretty with VIV

To complement the MYA collection, the Altherr Désile Park design studio created the VIV stool for use in any area of the home: a mobile and versatile plastic element that doubles as a seat and storage container. VIV is robust enough to be used in the kitchen or the shower and exudes such a simple elegance and slightly organic aura that it blends in effortlessly with both traditional and modern settings.VIV is available in oyster white, beige and red variants that are compatible with the MYA colour scheme, as well as with an optional wooden lid.

An aura of familiarity:furniture as a steady anchor in fast-moving times

MYA anchors home life firmly in the here and now – as a bridge between tradition and an everyday world increasingly dominated by virtuality, between different stages of life, between an urban lifestyle and down-to-earth closeness to nature.Design studio Altherr Désile Park from Barcelona was commissioned by burgbad to create a collection of standalone furniture and accessories that can be used throughout the home, blend in with all sorts of different contexts and even adapt to changing requirements.“The question was how to create a design that’s neutral without being banal,” says Jeannette Altherr of the approach she adopted for MYA.“Negotiating that fine line is essential if furniture is to be calm and unobtrusive enough to adapt and enter into a dialogue with other developments – that’s the prerequisite for wanting to live with it for a long time.That’s a form of sustainability too.”

MYA is a combination of things that last:wood, metal and leather,turned, veneered, jointed, lacquered and naturally tanned.At the same time, MYA also reconciles craftsmanship and industrial production, contemporary and traditional interior design.This idea was also the starting point for the collection’s name:“MYA” is an acronym for “million years ago”.The name stands for permanence and a functional, self-contained design language that goes back to furniture design’s roots in the skilled trades and arts and crafts.

The interior design concept: highly versatile soloists in dialogue with an orchestra

The individual elements of the MYA collection can’t be tied down to a single function or room:they can serve as seating or storage, kitchen rack or office shelving, bedside table or sideboard, living room or hallway furniture, bathroom shelf or coat rack.Shelving units can be transformed from a decorative sideboard into practical kitchen furniture by the addition of hooks and a tray and migrate from living room to nursery, hallway to bedroom as required.

All the elements in the collection are made in Germany. The capsule collection from burgbad is mobile right down to the last detail:it’s designed for simple disassembly and optimised for e-commerce.Thanks to the different features and accessories, the individual pieces are suitable for a wide variety of uses.At the same time, MYA looks equally at home in a rural or urban context and blends in with both traditional and contemporary architecture.

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The company made a decision fifty years ago to switch from the production of building blocks and shelves that it introduced when the company was founded in 1946 and specialize in the production of bathroom furniture. Since then its portfolio and know-how have grown steadily. Operating under the name burgbad, the group of companies with production facilities at its headquarters in Bad Fredeburg in the Westphalian region, in Greding, in Lauterbach-Allmenrod and in Nogent le Roi in France has merged to form a strong brand - with a new logo. The internationally active company has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ECZACIBASI Group since 2010 and feels at home anywhere in the world.

As a global market leader, burgbad offers attractive solutions in all bathroom furniture segments - from family-friendly bathrooms in a lacquered, veneered and country style and design-orientated bathroom furniture with a timelessly classic design through to individual room concepts with progressive architecture. burgbad is well-known for innovative interior bathroom concepts that create a homely feel.

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