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100 cameras for Homeless to photograph London

One hundred people affected by homelessness will capture London over five days from today when they are given a disposable camera at St Paul's Cathedral.

Volunteers, including professional photographers from The Royal Photographic Society, will hand out the one-time-use cameras. 

The resulting photos will create an exhibition to be hung in Spitalfields Arts Market in August, and the winning photos will create a calendar called MyLondon.

The MyLondon project is now in its sixth year. It has inspired many similar projects worldwide, including partner projects in Toronto, Sydney, New Orleans and Budapest.

Organiser Paul Ryan from Cafe Art says the project, which is also supported by Fujifilm, has been a huge success in its ability to give confidence to people who are homeless or are rebuilding their lives. "We are very grateful to the public for buying the photos and calendars every year. We are a social enterprise and most of our income comes from the photos taken in this contest every year. This has enabled us to make real change in people's lives, giving them confidence and self esteem."

The MyLondon calendar is sold online and in markets, employing people who are and have been homeless. Last year they earned more than £30,000 from the 6,500 calendars sold. 

Date: Thursday 21 June, 2018

Place: Wren Suite, Crypt, St Paul's Cathedral

Time: there are two sessions, one starting at 12.15 and the second at 1.30pm in the Wren Suite of the Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral. If you would like to speak to a participant, please let us know. See the award-winning 10-minute item by Canadian journalist Anne-Marie Jackson on MyToronto to see how this project works!

For more information about the camera handout, contact Paul Ryan or phone 07517 141948.

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CAFÉ ART connects people affected by homelessness with the wider community through art. We hang artwork created in art groups run by homelessness sector organisations and hang it in independent cafes in London. We also run the MyLondon photography contest with disposable Fujifilm cameras. 

Press contacts

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

Press contact Director Managing Cafe Art's MyLondon Photo Project, Art in Cafes 07517 141948

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