CALM wins Cage Against The Machine Vote

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CALM wins Cage Against The Machine Vote

Cage Against The Machine is the campaign to get John Cage’s 4’33″ to Christmas No 1 for 2010.

Now, we’re not classical music experts but what we do know is that 4’33″ is a COMPLETELY SILENT PIECE.  Musicians go on stage, stand by their instruments for 4 minutes and 33 seconds and then take a bow.  Ironically, can you think of a more rock and roll gesture?

Just imagine it – the relentless noise of a Radio 1 show playing out, at it’s climax and at the biggest point of the chart year, playing out one of the most arty pieces in music history.  Shazam.

So that’s a good reason to support the campaign, but another rather brilliant reason is that after winning a public vote, the majority of the proceeds are going to us here at CALM.  So it’s double whammy time.

But not quite yet!  It’s all about the timing.  To get an email confirming a chart eligible buy link and when to buy it head here.

Let’s smash the system.  But quietly, obviously….


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