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Malta and Advanced Manufacturing: An EU Centre for Smart Technology

Industry 4.0 symbolises the fourth industrial revolution and refers to advanced manufacturing techniques which use smart technology to enhance manufacturing processes throughout the chain. The digitalisation of the industry within traditional manufacturing processes has not only allowed for faster and more effective production, but has opened the doors to a whole range of advanced techniques which facilitate flexibility, customisation and live tracking of product information. The result is greater accessibility of information and production control with fewer operational costs. 

Investing in Innovation

The island of Malta is pushing for the development of advanced manufacturing within its shores and is encouraging novel technologies by launching a €20 million Business Enhance ERDF Grant Scheme. The scheme is just one of the jurisdiction’s initiatives to drive Malta as a leader within the manufacturing industry and to keep attracting foreign investment to the island. In this way, Malta aims to not only embrace the opportunities within the evolving digital landscape happening in the industry, but to secure sustainability for the future of manufacturing on the island.

Leading the Manufacturing Industry

This mindset has been developed across the border with measures being taken not only with aspects that directly affect manufacturing but with those that assure economic growth across all industries. By embracing innovative development within existing systems, Malta aims to optimise investment within each industry. The island is already a leading manufacturing centre as a result of measures taken to ensure flexibility, future growth and investment, by incentivising business through attractive tax rates and financial grants. In addition, the island’s favourable legal and strong economic structure, attractive import and export framework, as well as skilled workforce, have seen huge and high-quality manufacturing industry players relocate to Malta. Coupled with the island’s strategic geographical position and ten industrial parks, these systems have led to Malta’s manufacturing industry being the second largest on the island and accounting for 11% of the workforce and 10% of the GDP.

Webinars in Corporate Relocation and Advanced Manufacturing

As a pro-business and innovative jurisdiction investing in advanced manufacturing, Malta provides a strategy for those looking to safeguard their businesses across Brexit uncertainty. With experience in corporate formation and expansion, Chetcuti Cauchi just held a webinar on how Malta can be a post Brexit solution for the Smart Manufacturing industry, if you would like to get more information, click here to register to watch the webinar.

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