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Chic Teak Comment On Dwindling International Teak Supplies

Basingstoke, United Kingdom (May 20, 2010) – Chic Teak, a leading UK supplier of high quality, sustainably sourced teak garden furniture and garden furniture sets, have commented on the state of the international teak industry.

Chic Teak have been supplying high quality teak garden furniture sets to the UK for over fifteen years and obtain their products straight from the source in Java. On a recent trip however, Chic Teak were informed that the Javanese government has recently announced that future teak felling will have to be significantly reduced until the balance has been restored. Although trees are being replanted at a phenomenal rate due to heavy over-logging in the 1990s, they still take over sixty years to fully mature meaning it may be some time until normal felling rates resume.

Chic Teak estimate that due to continuing demand and the state of the international markets, teak prices are going to have to increase by approximately twenty-five per cent. As the price of the raw material will rise by 25%, it will also inevitably mean a rise in finished furniture prices. Chic Teak are keen to stress however that teak furniture should be seen as an excellent long-term investment and will always outlast standard wood garden furniture by decades.

“Though it may seem like a bit of a blow, we have to point out what a wonderful investment teak garden furniture is for your garden, and how much stronger and attractive it is than ordinary wood garden products,” says Sarah Bowden of Chic Teak. “On a personal level we have teak furniture in our garden between fifteen and thirty years old – still going strong, still attractive and still durable. Teak has properties that no other available furniture sets have, so you know once you’re buying a set then you won’t have to buy much else further down the line. We are still able to offer some of the most affordable teak furniture rates on the marketplace, and can answer any questions you may have about the industry if you contact us through our website.”

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Successfully trading in ethically sourced, sustainable teak from Government controlled plantations for over 14 years, Chic Teak creates high quality wooden garden furniture and teak garden furniture sets. They pride themselves on their quality, personal service alongside highly competitive pricing and fast delivery.